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So autumn is finally upon us which has never been more exciting! Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons because it finally gets chilly enough to wear cute dark clothing- which is a lie because I always wear dark clothes (call me Morticia)  Hows mu...

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Back To School!
I hope everyone has had a great time coming back to school or collage, I know mine was well.. okay. I set my alarm for 6:39 this morning which was disgraceful. I had my first day at sixth form which wasn't nerve racking. It's joined to my old school so I wa...

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Long time no post.  I am so sorry about my disappearance but I definitely didn't expect to be so busy (and have NO access to the internet! AT ALL) so I just wanted to fill you guys in on where I've been and what I've been upto! First and foremost, when I wa...

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On Friday the 27th of June it was finally prom day. To be honest, I wasn't excited about it at all because I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did!  I had my MAC Makeover booked for 12 o'clock on that day with no trial. It took 30 mins to do my whole f...

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My Summer Playlist
The other day I was literally so bored l started going through my Chrome favourites and I came across 8tracks  which I used to love and totally forgot about. So I flicked through some of my old playlists, added new ones and dowloaded the app because I was o...

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MAC 'Whirl' Lip Pencil
Recently I can't get enough of lining my lips and 'Whirl' is literally my favourite lip pencil. I do not regret one penny of the £12 I paid.  The colour is beautiful and the pigmented cream led spreads smoothly however it is very difficult to sharpen it wit...

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OOTD: Spring Afternoon
Spring weather with the North-East of England isn't a usual sight & for the past few days the sun has been coming out more and more finally drying puddles around my damp and dead flower patches in the garden. This made studying for exams a little easier eve...

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End of Compulsory Education.
On the 9th of May 2014,(YESTERDAY!- I had such a great night with nearly the whole year at a beach!) my schools year 11 (that's me) broke up for study leave. This means revision, exams and parties (and then more parties) & then Prom! I couldn't be more exci...

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Review: Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette
I finally decided to try Topshop's eye palettes and decided on the Aura quad pallette.  This is a neutral palette with very highly pigmented shadows. It truly is the ' All you need for the perfect smokey eye look-4 complementary colours with mirror and appl...

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My Signature Scent: See By Chloé
I have been raving about this fragrance for a while now and it definitely has become my signature scent. I love it. I also mentioned it in 'Spring Tag #2' a while back now.  " Chloé See by chloé Eau de Parfum. An addictive fragrance that awakens the senses....
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