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Illusory Advice: Gender becomes irrelevant
"It is not necessary to adopt a male stance to be reassured that one
is regarded as male, or a female stance to be reassured that one is
regarded as female. Discovering the internal qualities of femaleness for
men and maleness for women overcomes the ten...

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Illusory Advice: Total immersion
The purpose of apprenticeship is to taste a unique depth of
experience and involvement in a Vajrayana tradition without taking
lifelong commitments. You can leap, but with the lifebelt of your
probationary apprentice status. You cannot know whether
you ...

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Illusory Advice: Pure... impure?
"Tantra begins with the experience of emptiness – the pregnant space
from which form arises. Form is simply that which arises – and does not
need to be viewed in terms of pure or impure. Human bodies are as they
are and are available for appreciation. Sa...

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Illusory Advice: Are animals enlightened?
Q: Are animals more enlightened than us? They don’t seem to
separate themselves from reality and so I wondered therefore whether
they exist in a nondual state, reacting instantly with events as they
occur? A: The directness of interaction with their

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Illusory Advice: Carping about the animal realm
"Confusion sometimes arises through thinking that teachings on the animal-realm of the six realms 11 refer specifically to the animals we see in the world, and because of the assumption that all human-looking beings live in the human-realm. There can also b...

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Illusory Advice: Drinking with awareness
"Alcohol can open our ability to be receptive and decrease our tendency to prejudice and preconception. Alcohol can loosen the restraints of our conventional view. The essence of the practice is to drink with awareness. Awareness can be maintained even when...

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Illusory Advice: Real or unreal?
Dewi Sant, Cardiff City Hall, 2013, Ngakma Nor’dzin "Faith is not an issue in Buddhism. Buddhism demands the development of confidence based on gradual experience built up over time. You are quite new to practice so give things time to ferment. Keep your pr...

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Illusory Advice: Addiction
Dee, 2012, Ngakma Nor’dzin "Smoking adversely affects the rTsa-lung and hinders the arising of the benefits of meditation. We follow our own teacher’s guidance on this, just as they have followed the guidance of Kyabjé Düd’jom Rinpoche – Jig’drèl Yeshé Dorj...

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Illusory Advice: Please grant me siddhis
Weather Vane, 2015, Ngakpa ’ö-Dzin "Awakening cannot be handed to you – the cause has to be created through your own effort. Through discovering the qualities of Padmasambhava by practising Dorje Tsig-dün, you can aspire to liberate the siddhis of Padmasamb...

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Illusory Advice: Ritual
"You could totally immerse yourself in ritual and see what happens ... or you could start to notice the rituals with which you are continually surrounded: the hello/goodbye ritual; the would-you-like-to-come-up-for-a-coffee ritual; the what-to-wear ritual f...
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