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How many children will be tempted to tickle the feet?.....................
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I wouldn't be able to resist getting myself snapped there...............
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So brilliant.
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Jo Dunaway

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On creativity and mental illnesses within families.....................
Interesting read.
A leading neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity shares her research on where genius comes from, whether it is dependent on high IQ—and why it is so often accompanied by mental illness. 
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Great ideas for using reclaimed wood in kitchens.................
One-of-a-kind lumber warms a room and adds age and interest
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A judge stopped decades of misuse of lands deeded to the city for use as housing for homeless veterans and stopped plans for building an amphitheater on the 400 acres.  Plans are now in place to house the remaining homeless veterans by the end of the year.  Now, more American cities need to step up.

#homelessveterans   #LosAngeles   #addressinghomelessnessforveterans  
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P Mitch
I would like to know also.
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Have her in circles
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Jo Dunaway

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In development.............................FDECO would be charging stations, as well as have capabilities to retrieve data and transmit new orders.  How hackable might these hubs be?

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Jo Dunaway

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Question:  What if this design feature could be incorporated in wall and ceiling panels for homes and offices, instead of furniture?  Would the savings rates be as high as on this table in a room?  What would be the overall ROI?
Consisting simply of a surface and legs, the table is one piece of furniture that has remained...
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If it works, that's brilliant! 
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The one slave spiritual we all know................

#AmazingGrace   #JohnNewton   #MusicbyUnknown  
At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of Amazing Grace ever recorded. He says, "A lot of people don
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Jo Dunaway

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I'm flipping out here.  I work remotely from home and prefer to be notified of available updates and download & install on my own after checking out the updates and what they will effect.  I also don't want the power drag of updates interfering with my remote connections via VPN with company servers and switchboards during my work shifts.  Having this taken away by Windows 10 sucks big time.  Does this mean that I as a remote agent employee using my own BYOD have to get designated as a business in order to not have them kicking me off my Intranet at wrong times, thus endangering my dependability for work shifts?  My supervisors will have a cow!,2817,2483710,00.asp

#Windows10   #Windows10defaultautomaticupdates  
The old monthly patch cycle just isn't good enough anymore. Windows 10 fixes will stream to consumer PCs 24/7.
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I use Win 7 Ultimate now, +Gary Myers .  I'm assuming that would be one of the Wins to qualify for free Win Pro for Business upgrade where I can have more control over upgrades, whew!  This is all preliminary information, though; I'm not banking on it.
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Jo Dunaway

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This correspondent, who was in Pakistan and Afghanistan at the time, backs up Sy Hersh's story part of the way, including that ISI was holding bin Laden as a CI since 2006, and that his whereabouts was bought for 25M USD rather than by tracking couriers. She cannot back up without documentation that 2 Pakistani generals knew of the Navy Seals raid ahead of time.

UPDATE AT 1PM 5/13/15:  This article in  _The News, International_  confirms the below article regarding sale of info to USA -

#SyHersh   #OsamabinLadencapture   #NavySeals   #PakistanintelligenceISI   #Pakistan   #trackingcouriers   #binLadenwhereaboutssoldfor25MUSD  
As soon as legendary journalist Sy Hersh's controversial story on the Osama bin Laden raid was...
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Jo Dunaway

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Do you like reading through annotations, whether in the margins of physical books or otherwise?  If so, you'll enjoy this site that has annotations on various topics.  The epic rap between Hollywood film producers, like Spielberg, Hitchcock  Tarantino and Kubrick is hilarious. Enjoy!
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