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Taking a team of 4 a week to build, these towers can get 25 gallons of potable water a day from condensation.

#warkawatertowers   #Ethiopia  
Italian designer Arturo Vittori has designed a revolutionary new structure, the WarkaWater Tower, to collect clean water by using condensation.
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That's why we have to keep re-discovering; people have leaky minds or not enough long term memory to recall older discoveries.  It's frustrating to those of us who remember.
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Democratic prosecutor conducts John Doe investigations complete with gag orders on conservatives in the state.  The story of partisanship gone awry and prosecutorial misconduct is analogous of Nazi Germany's raids on Jews, Gypsies and the like "uindesirables" and traumatized numerous families and businesses.  Do you think this can't happen in America?  Yes it can and it did and its progress is only temporarily stopped by higher court rulings, currently upon appeal.  This has been covered by The Wall Street Journal and National Review  as below.

#JohnDoeinvestigations   #Wisconsin   #prosecutormisconduct   #consitutionalrightsinfringement  
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How about this?  You interested?
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As to the article itself, I love what Google is doing here.  As soon as I can use a new phone of my choice, I'll make the switch in a heartbeat.  Then in a few years when its job is done, we'll have a giant network with bandwidth for all (come on pCell, amirite?)
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From this article, it appears that China's new protectionist policies trying to eliminate cybersecurity threats by keeping all hardware and software "localized" to the country is a match against those who understand technology well enough and those who don't and are covering their ignorance with methods that will in the long term destroy their capability to secure the country's information infrastructure.  The rotating CEO of Huawei speaks out about the strategy.

#huawei   #informationsecurity   #cybersecurity   #China  
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An opinion many may not have heard of..............
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Serotonin Is not the answer to depression: It Has been shown to cause
suicidal episodes and other counterproductive behavior. Brain scans show
it lights the wrong parts of the brain to be theoretically acceptable. But
is still push by Parms.
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Have her in circles
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I don't know about any of you guys but from the sample in the video embedded in the article, I can hear the "hum".  Not only can I hear it, but I can feel the vibration of it in my chest area.  That might be due to a trained ear, but I was surprised that I can still hear this distinctly, even at my advanced age of 65.  Can any of you hear it?  It's supposedly only a tiny fraction of the earth's people who can hear it, but some can hear it so well it causes physical illness symptoms.

#earthhum   #thehumoftheearth   #constantlowfrequencyhum  
In 1998, scientists discovered that the planet is constantly making a sound. This was vindicating news for a very small minority of people throughout the world who were obsessed with a low hum [...]
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we observe on seismometers of all sizes different noise levels from the earth.  The earth is elastic -- all the materials of the earth can be deformed and restored to their original shape (or broken down).  There is a difference between the noise you record at day and night, simply due to the energy of the sun striking your part of the world (this noise has nothing to do with human activity).  We have also made note of earth tides, and all of this information precedes 1998.
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Gearing up for the 2016 election season....................
Last week, the White House Task Force on New Americans held a briefing at the Soros-funded, pro-open borders Migration Policy Institute to push its new “Strategic Action Plan on Immigrant & Refu
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yup, we should be able to elect an illegal immigrant to be president.
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The drugs already exist but are used for other conditions.  They'll have to be approved to treat asthma, too.  The article states that it may also be used to treat COPD sufferers with chronic bronchitis.  Treating the causes instead of just the symptoms will mean doubly more to those who don't respond to traditional asthma medicines.
Scientists at Cardiff University and Kings College London have found out what causes asthma and how to switch it off
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What triggers the cells to inflame? These drugs, welcome nonetheless, still just treat the symptoms. If the triggers are still there the immune system could just 'jump' to another response. When medicine finally does something that removes the triggers from our environment they will be treating the causes. But don't expect it too soon because there is a lot of money tied up in the triggers and removing them would decrease the profits they make. It would be like battling the tobacco industry over lung cancer all over again.
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That hot tip you're sending to the feds could be snaking its way through an unencrypted network.
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Processing and understanding is much easier from an humble attitude and doesn't require a "spank" to attain.  Just acknowledging to ourselves that we've still so much to learn keeps the "achieving understanding and learning to process it correctly" well-greased.  No worries, +Tommy Saether , I had an INFJ little brother.  He taught me to understand INFJs well.  You won't run out.
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This video caused me chills of joy; they've hit upon an elemental essence of the bond between mother and child here.

A touching new ad that celebrates the bond between children and their mothers is going viral this week, just in time for Mother’s Day. The advertisement for Pandora Jewelry shows six mothers standing in a line. One by one, their young children are blindfolded and tasked with finding their mother in the group, using only touch and smell.
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