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Good photo collection of Venezuela today, the dying gasps of a democratic socialist country under a deposed but still reigning tyrant...
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I see the racist homophobe KKK member hate filled Rethuglicans are representing the shallow end of the gene pool (that they peed in).
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AND they'll be exclusively available only on Netflix....
That's quite a coup move on the part of Netflix in the streaming wars...
It'll become the exclusive U.S. streaming home of Disney films.
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Where there's a will there's a way.................
Peruvian farmers take advantage of daily fog to capture condensation. The water is then stored in tanks and gravity-fed to the crops below.
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So essentially... being a moisture farmer is now a thing?

Star Wars Reference
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The scenarios for evading decisions, judging the viability of pledges of support funds, and diplomatic tanglements between different countries' bureaucracies over these matters seems like a nightmare to me. I have to wonder how much stress these guys are under trying to accomplish their work. I hope the members of this agency are terriers.
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When my family moved from the northern tip of Kentucky to Florida in the 1960s, we brought along our family dog, a mutt stray us kids had talked our parents into adopting to the new state. Soon after we arrived and moved to a rental house on the edge of a swamp, "Bootsie" startled us by lying immobile and paralyzed in the front yard. The only thing she could move was her eyeballs that were pleading for help. We loaded her into the car and rushed to the vet. He examined her and found several ticks and removed them, dipped her in a bath and told us to take her home and her paralysis would wear off and be gone by morning. And it was! That's when we first heard of something called "tick paralysis". This dog had the same problem, but the vets hadn't caught it. Just as he was about to be euthanized a tick was discovered behind one ear. Yep.
Man's best friend gets a second chance at life; thanks to an extern.
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"Between hurt feelings and violence, there is no middle ground." the comment of the writer of this article. When people can't communicate, they can't recognize the humanity of others and deaths are meaningless is another observation. I'm sure this is not just endemic of Chicago, but may be a precursor of what is to come as besieged police departments are left to document each incident...
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Fighting with the unions had delayed this, but now the night tube will be available in August...
Revellers and night shift workers will be able to travel through Friday and Saturday nights from August
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As some of you know, I worked in music production and publishing for many, many years. i'm still also in contact pretty regularly with people I knew and worked with back then. Producers, songwriters, engineers, musicians and agents all rely on union contracts and royalties for their living, except for those acts currently touring and getting a set salary and/or cut of the door proceeds after the costs of touring are deducted. Music people stretch pennies until Lincoln squeals and we hate to hear him squeal, so I hope you'll give this piece written by the daughter of world-famous producer Tom Dowd as she works with others and many music, film, and arts organizations to get some legislation through Congress that takes into account the digital technologies' growths and changes to the industry. There are three bills now in Congress and we're asking you for the public's help in pressuring their people in Congress for movement on these bills.

Here's Dana Dowd's piece, and she explains it better than I.

Attention all Music, Film and Art lovers!!!!!
I often post about the current state of the music industry and decreased royalties, but I don't think everyone actually understands what is going on. So here is the skinny.
I love technology and do not think that YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime or any other streaming service is a bad thing; in fact I think they are a brilliant way to explore artistic options that we would not otherwise have access to.
What I think is bad is that our government was not prepared for these forms of technology, is not properly protecting music, film, art and copyright laws to ensure payment to the creators in the digital age.
But you all can help make a difference!!!!
There are three acts currently in Congress that were presented in 2014 and have not been passed because they were referred to the “Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet”
The Three Acts are called:
*The Fair Play Fair Pay Act
*The Allocation for Music Producer Act (also known as the AMP Act)
*The Songwriter Equity Act (also known as the SE ACT)
There are slews of Musicians, Songwriters, Producers and other creative people and organizations such as NARAS (The Grammy’s), BMI, ASCAP and others all rallying around these Acts, but to support Music as an Art Form we need the public’s help!!!!!
If these Acts are passed, it will set precedence amongst the artistic community and copyright laws in the US to support all Arts (Music, Film etc….) moving forward.
So what I ask of each of you today is to reach out to your Congressional leaders at the link provided or by Twitter or snail mail and let them know that you support ALL THREE of these Acts. site=ctc2011&state=fl
It will only take a few minutes of your time and will really help preserve the Arts for generations to come. ‪#‎supportmusic‬
Please also feel free to share this, but make sure to share the entire post to include my thoughts, not just the link so that hopefully we can all make a difference!
District of Columbia in the 114th Congress (1st Session)
To retrieve much more detailed biographical and contact information about a given Congressmember, click on the member's name.
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Guess who has a birthday?
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Mercury is widely regarded as one of the best singers in rock history. Now, a recent study aims to explain why the late Queen frontman's voice was so special.
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S s si bote result 5234137
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