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Bird flue is back!  Over 100,000 chickens have been slaughtered in Japan to try to stop the spread.  Supposedly this latest strain started in South Korea.
"Virologist Robert Webster, the world's leading expert on bird flu, said: "Nature has already shown us that there is a virus out there that kills most of the people it infects.

"We ignore it at our peril.

"What people don't appreciate is that H5N1 has already been the cause of a chicken apocalypse.

"Once it learns to go human to human there'll be no stopping the damn thing.""
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Thank you for the info, +Jo Dunaway .
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Jo Dunaway

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William F. Buckley's younger brother Reid has passed as of Monday.  The notice is published by National Review's publisher, Jack Fowler.  Also a writer and debater, Reid was an advocate for moral courage as well as physical courage and this is an attribute that underlies true bravery.
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I guess I never thought of this before that I can remember.  They do have to learn how to use their trunks.  Be ready for laughs!
Sheer awesomeness! 17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks
"What the heck is this thing on my face??"
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Bwahaha! Had to look at them again, and yes, that's awesome. I love how his eyes bug out :-D 
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Dogs have a protective instinct for the youngest in a family.  That dog was saying, "Don't make me bite your A@* or make this arm into swiss cheese!"
Dog protecting a child.
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As my American roots include 2 Native American tribes, I've learned history and heard many of the stories of Indian traditions.  Knowing that many of the Indian tribes probably arrived on this continent from the Straits above Alaska that used to be tied to Siberia and Mongolia, I always surmised that the eagle legends of many tribes originated from the Eagle Hunters of Siberia and Mongolia and Kazakhistan.  National Geographic did a great pictorial article on them back in the 1980's and I just now discovered this blog article covering how the youngsters start their eagle-hunting trainings at 12, 13 and 14.  The photos are ravishingly adventurous and inspiring.  Enjoy!
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Dakota, Creek and Mohegan. Tribes from the Midwest, South and East coast. I'm familiar with the other tribes from those regions and not one can I think of that used eagles for hunting, since it's true some stories are common variations among different tribes.

I don't think it's true that the Cherokee hunted with eagles either, since they were originally an east coast tribe too. Google doesn't have any stories related to them and being hunters with eagles.

Someone probably told you something they made up themselves.
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Jo Dunaway

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The Editors at National Review weigh in on their take of how this Ukraine crisis should be played.  Would you agree?  If not, why not?  Should Putin's ambitions be curtailed here or in another of the former Soviet bloc nations?
The U.S. must defeat Putin’s revanchism.
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Yes, the Progressives of yore are the Democrats of today.  Most of them want to be called Progressives rather than Democrat, as they feel they are more liberal than the typical Democrat. Your analysis of the Imperialist ambitions of Middle Eastern countries and cultures is likewise, for the most part, correct.  I think they want to feel like they have all the trappings of democracy without the nonsense of people dictating to the leader, but the leader dictating to the people.  Their cabinet members are merely to keep people in line in different aspects of life under their jurisdiction.  Minorities, whether cultural, religious or political, do have more rights under true democracies or federations, thus freeing individuals from the solid collective.  All of that was to make what point, though, +Joe K ?
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An interesting article on musical sense and ability being passed through the genes.......................
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Watching blood moon live on NASA in between running outside for another snap at different stages......
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Wishing all of you who are celebrating the holiday around the world a happy & kosher Passover from Jerusalem.
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The green of Spring, renewal, have been reviving spirits through the ages.
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