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Great photo of the Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Hurling club officials - two are wearing GAA medals (Michael Downes on far left).

Not sure when this photograph was taken - if the GAA medals are for the 1897 All-Ireland champions, this photo is likely to be mid 1920s.

According to Hugh Murphy, a local historian, the line up is as follows:
"Mike Downes 1897 All Ireland Hurler, Dan Downes, Maurice Flynn 1897 All Ireland Hurler, Ned O'Keeffe member of Kilfinane Brass Band that welcomed home the Kilfinane Emmets team. Seated T.P. McCarthy who trained the 1897 team with John Downes."

T.P. McCarthy is great to Henry McCarthy, owner of the local pub and undertakers, who's son Richie McCarthy is a current full back with the Limerick team.

Photo kindly provided by Dan Downes.

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Very proud to be able to share this photograph with you. The subjects are Ann and William Duggan of Wexford, and the photograph was provided by their grand daughter Ann McGrath of Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick. The original photograph was laminated which caused damage and noise in shadow areas.

The photograph was taken in the late 1910s or early 1920s, at a guess. William Duggan is seen wearing a unique GAA Gold medal, one of only two ever awarded to non-sportspeople - the medal was awarded for his bravery following the Fethard Lifeboat Disaster of 1914.

The National Maritime Museum of Ireland's website is undergoing repairs, so the documentary evidence they host is not available at the moment. I hope to be able to host a version of the document at 

It's a fascinating and harrowing read, and William Duggan's heroism is clear.

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A major piece of work completed for Bernie Gilbert. Wedding photograph taken between 1910 and 1914 of the McCarthy couple of Kilfinane. Photograph taken and printed by Guy & Co Ltd of Cork. Photo used with kind permission of B. Gilbert, Martinstown.

From my own point of view the vase was the most enjoyable part to restore - seeing the reflection of Bernie and Henry's grandmother appear in the vase, and that the vase was metallic rather than fluted wood as it had originally appeared, was fantastic.

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There's something very film-like about the photographs I've been restoring recently. Hopefully in April I will be able to share a beautiful piece of work produced for Morgan Murphy - in the mean time here is a photograph of K. Lynch, her brother and mother in front of the Galtees just off St Anne's Terrace (Sráid Na Faitce) in Kilfinane. The view is pretty much the same today.

The original photograph had a series of dark horizontal lines across the photograph that were particularly daunting. I'd be curious if anyone could suggest how these lines were caused - in processing or through storage?

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I'm very lucky with some of the photographs I am shown of the #Ballyhoura   and #Galtee  regions. I've seen a few photographs taken of workers taking breaks from cropping fields, and the Kilfinane Photographs page on Facebook has several examples of similar photographs. Morgan Murphy was kind enough to bring in a photograph of his grandfather, father and uncles having a picnic beneath the Galtee mountains - the two lads in the centre of the photograph are watching the kettle boil. This photograph was taken in the mid 1920s and the second version is still a work in progress. The second image was provided by Sheila Cleary and is from fields between Ardpatrick and Ballynlina, Co. Limerick. Sheila decided not to progress with work on this image, but the clothes and hats bear strong similarities to Morgan's photograph. The quality and size of the photograph suggest it may be a little older. The relaxed nature of both of these photographs can be seen in the smiles of some of the subjects, something rarely seen in formal photographs of this time.

I am curious to know if this was a tradition elsewhere in #Ireland  and if so if anyone else has similar photographs of these kind of activities.

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I've added a new page to the website with general advice on looking after your old photographic prints.

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At the Kilfinane Christmas Food Art and Crafts Fair 2012 I ran a free prize draw for visitors that involved people trying to guess the name of a lad in a restored photograph. While it was a lot easier for residents of Kilfinane, I'm glad to say that with a few clues most people got the name correct.

The winner, drawn by Mary McDonnell of Grey Heron Media the next week, was Patsy Moloney who correctly identified the lad as Liam "Lulu" O'Brien. We were accepting first names and nicknames as valid entries. Patsy has won a free complete restoration and 10"x8" print.

Here is the original and restored photograph, as provided by Noreen Lawlor.

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Ann McGrath has dropped a large number of old negatives in for scanning - the dimensions are strange and unmarked. This is one of the more intriguing images, a duck in a kitchen, and one that can be shared. The multitude of fingerprints are what I find myself looking at - how many people handled this image? Taken in the 1950s I think.


Just to let you know that current special offers we are running - the 10"x8" framed print with restoration for €45 and the 20% reduction on 3 or more images - will only be running until December 2012.
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