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Dave Taht
singer, pianist, guitarist, writer, experimenter, theorist, hacker, maker, faker - in no particular order, on any given day. And I also write code.
singer, pianist, guitarist, writer, experimenter, theorist, hacker, maker, faker - in no particular order, on any given day. And I also write code.

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I am co-mc-ing the open mic tonight. there is gonna be a GREAT acoustic-only afterparty in a 25' yurt at 10PM til... ? . "Open Mic at Lupin Lodge"

When: Friday May 19th 2017 from 8:00pm-10:00pm
Prices: Talent acts- Free (call the office to get on the list: (408) 353-9200)
Guest admission- $15

“Come for the open mic, stay for a lovely night!”

Our Yurts are available for overnight stays amongst the redwoods (enquire with office) or for admission +$6 pitch a tent or bring a sleeping bag for camping!

Lodge amenities: Heated Pool, Hot tub, Sauna, Tennis, Hiking, Restaurant, lodging, and of course Live Music!
Web- | General Email- | Phone- (408) 353-9200 Location- 20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd | Booking Email:

Directions from Santa Cruz
Proceed along Northbound Hwy 17.
Turn RIGHT onto Idylwild. Idylwild has a flashing yellow light suspended over the intersection with Hwy 17. Follow Idylwild down the hill to the “T” intersection.
Turn LEFT onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy.
Turn RIGHT onto Aldercroft Heights Rd at the fork in the road.
Veer RIGHT after crossing Alma Bridge at the bottom of the hill.
Turn LEFT into the Lupin Lodge driveway across from the mailboxes. (It’s the first left after veering right)

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My new ebike is going to have some of these.

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Flying cars would make city living so much better. And I've wanted one ever since I saw metropolis.
A jet-propelled vehicle that can take off vertically has been tested in Germany.

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I still bust myself up with the child's endorsement of the remaining food choices - after the asteroid hits. Someday I'll lay this song down again and fix the first part, and get some better overdubs. 

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I need to rewatch charlie chaplin's modern times.

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I booted into a standard off-the-shelf low-latency kernel (ubuntu studio) for the first time in 5 years. I've spent most of the past month doing spring cleaning, getting organized again, moving my life back into emacs, ressurrecting an old hard disk with my old blog on it, getting my piano keyboard doing midi again, and things like that. I'd only logged into facebook once in the past 4 months, and have successfully kicked both that habit and for that matter g+ to a huge extent and replaced with netnews and things like comp.arch. mail, chat, time management are all integrated now... and aside from an enormous todo list... online life had become boring. I'm too quickly able to switch contexts now and finish stuff!

So I got onto fb and immediately offended someone. And logged out again. I think I will enjoy using computers again as a productivity tool for creation, rather than debugging networks...

... but first up this past sunday was trying to make the darn thing do surround sound, and despite trying all day to be able to get that to work under linux, it appears my tv cannot pass that through hdmi to the tos-link port on the stereo. All I'd wanted to do was mix down a song to play some cool stuff on the back speakers.... I lost the whole damn day to it.

And now I can't get any sound at all.

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