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Microsoft are dropping the price of the Surface by $100
With the Surface Pro
3 pre orders well under way, Microsoft have been busy chopping the prices
of the Surface
Pro 2 . Surface Pro 2 64GB
Model will now hit the market at $919, but the 128GB model will cost you only
$1029, oh and if you need ‘real storage’ t...

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Mac users are being left out by Microsoft
Microsoft are jumping over big hurdles to make sure their
latest software is spread across all devices, I can’t help but feel like MAC users
are being left in the lurch about receiving the newest versions of the Microsoft
products. In 2014 Microsoft made a ...

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Email: What’s the Difference Between POP3, IMAP, and Exchange?
In 2013, the majority of
email traffic comes from business email, which accounts for over 100 billion
emails sent and received per day. Email remains the predominant form of
communication in the business space. This trend is expected to continue, and

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Microsoft is leading the way with technology for both Small businesses and Enterprise
leads the way when it comes to business communication, key products like
Exchange, Instant messaging, Video conferencing and Voice are the fundamentals
that businesses around the world need to function correctly. But why have
Microsoft got it so r...

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How cloud storage can enhance the way you work
Cloud storage has been around for quite some time,
and DropBox have led the way with free products that will allow you to store a
few gigabytes in the cloud, but, it was only a matter of time before other Tech
giants jump on the bandwagon and realis...

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'Document Conversations’ are coming to Office 365 this summer
Microsoft announcement on Tuesday that they are adding a great new
social feature when working on documents in there cloud based platform Office
365. ‘Document conversations’
will appear on the right hand side of your work, allowing you to chat and

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I could do with some help moving to Office 365?
Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s fastest growing products;
Reliable, secure, easy to manage and available on all devices is just some of
the marketing that sits around this great cloud product. It does have its
issues though… One thing I hear day to day as ...

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Will the Surface Pro 3 really be the tablet that will replace your laptop?
Most of you tech hungry readers will have seen Microsoft's latest announcement around the all new Surface Pro 3, god it does look good - but the question I pose is 'Will it actually be able to replace our trustee laptops?' With a 12” display, Surface Pro 3 ...
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