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Magma chamber New Zealand. Breathtaking or not? :)

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Easing The Cash-Flow Squeeze...

Think of barter as a supplement to your regular cash business, not a replacement for it. For most businesses, producing 6-8% of sales per year by barter is a reasonable ceiling.

Some firms do much more, though. For instance a florist in Illinois, does about one-third of his $300,000 annual business in barter. Trade dollars he earns by bartering flowers buy things he otherwise would have used cash for, such as printing, office equipment, vehicle maintenance. Barter is Wiser

Because he is part of ITEX with over 20,000 members it opened the door for new customers in distant locations such as Hawaii, Los Angeles and New York City. learn more about Barter Sign up today to Barter your services and save your cash at

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