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Do you want to make history?

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Today is World Meatout Day!

If you love vegan food, this is a great opportunity to share some with a non-vegan friend. 'Meatout' is one of the many 'Free Vegan Food Giveaway Festivals' throughout the year.

To see what Meatout events are on in your country, zoom in, out & about on the Meatout Map (Particiapte - Find an Event) . Check The Vegan Society Events Calendar for UK & Eire listings:

Thank you to everyone who has already 'circled' this End Animal Use page.

What is going well for you in this area at the moment?

Welcome! This is a place for anyone working toward a world in which all animals live free from use by humans. We hope this Google+ page will help us to share, communicate & celebrate effective outreach.

What are your most positive outreach experiences? What are your top tips for people who are just starting out on this journey?

You're welcome to become part of this network, to help you find like-minded people globally and in your own communities, to collaborate with others who share your vision, to share with the world your success stories, and to help us all access the most effective tools for outreach.

We hope to create a space for positive outreach for the end of all animal use, in all parts of the world, building support for people to adopt & maintain lifestyles free from animal use, and help individuals, groups & networks to empower themselves for effective local & regional outreach.
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