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Are you looking for a way to use English every day?
Do you want to get personalized comments on your mistakes and better ways to say what you need?
Would you like to have more focused and joyful days?

Join "Productivity Booster" and achieve better results, with English incorporated into your everyday life.

What's included:
• Planner and journal templates with tips on how to work through them
• A task matrix which allows to focus on what's important, not on what other people want from you
• An everyday reflection challenge which would make you think about interesting (and sometimes neglected) aspects of your life - you do it in English for a month, you start thinking in English as a habit
• A motivational quote that would inspire and motivate you, and make you learn (or remember) English vocabulary
• Consistent feedback on your planners, journals and any questions you might have
+ a 20-minute bonus session twice a month (for early adopters)
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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
- Henry Ford
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(Version in English ⤵ below)
Вы хотите выучить английский, но у вас на это нет времени. Звучит знакомо?
Вы можете либо найти для этого время, либо уделить ему время. В чем разница?
📌Если найти время - это извлечь пользу из моментов-между-делами, то выделить время - это переосмыслить, как вы третите время своей жизни.
📌Выделить время - это взять на себя обязательство, требующее какого-то компромисса/выбора.
Итак, только от вас зависит, насколько английский важен для вас именно сейчас, и будете ли вы находить для него время или уделять ему время.
🙏 Английский находится в списке ваших целей на ближайший год?
🙏Вы находите для него время или уделяете?
#продуктивность #ежедневник #английскийсосмыслом #английскийдлявзрослых

Записаться на программу повышения продуктивности и одновременного совершенствования английского - по ссылке в профиле
You want to learn English, but you don't have time for it. Sounds familiar?
You can either find time or make time for it. What’s the difference?
📌If finding time is about taking advantage of the moments of in-between life happening, making time is about rethinking how you spend time in your life.
📌Making time is a commitment that requires a trade-off somewhere.
So, you decide how important English is for you now, and either find or make it for it.
👉Is English on your list of goals?
👉Are you trying to find or to make time for it?
#productivity #EnglishJournal #TimeManagement #ImproveEnglish
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Do you have a morning ritual?
Your morning can make or break your day. Morning #ritual (from 15 to 90 minutes) can dramatically affect your #productivity and change your life for the better.
Have you tired any of these activities?
- Setting today's goals
- Meditation
- Exercising
What else does your morning ritual include?
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This is the most simple and basic component of life:
our struggles determine our successes.
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An amazing map, I have been studying it for the last half hour
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===Why keeping a list of your mistakes will actually make your life (and English) better===
"Mistakes Can Define You. Don’t Let Them."
The risk of failure comes with every potential accomplishment. If you are unable to move on from failure, your mistakes will define you. Don’t let them define you. By writing them down you can manage them and own up to them. It is much easier to move on when you have admitted to a fault than when you have moved on without any reflection.
#goodreads #mistakes
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On the 1st of September I'm starting my new coaching program PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTER
The program's goal is NOT English in itself. The goal is to change your life so that you are more productive, you work smarter, and you understand yourself better.
English here will be just a TOOL to achieve those results.

If you are always in a hurry ...
... already forgot what your dreams were
... life is just passing you by
... you just learn English, but don't use it - you don; know where or how
... you wish to spend at least 10 minutes alone with themselves
- this program will be especially beneficial for you.

The program means that every day you will get an email with a simple task to complete during the day (using English) and next day you'll get my feedback.
The tasks are short and easy: 10+10 minutes a day * every day => increased productivity and improved English.

I am planning to run this program for 2 months - that's about how much it takes to form a new habit and to see the results.

For people who join and pay early - before August 19 - I am offering a very special REDUCED price of 2400 UAH a month (or 4500 UAH for 2 months). Just to compare: it's the price of about 9 classes with me only twice a week. In the program, you get my detailed feedback every day, whenever you need it.

So, if you want to get back on track with your goals, reclaim your time, get more focused and satisfied, if you just need a little bit of time for yourself or want to make English a part of your everyday life - join the program NOW and get a bonus.…/productivity-booster-registrat…

Feel free to ask questions - I'll be happy to figure them out with you. Just put them in the comments or write me an email.

#learnEnglish #intermediateEnglish #productivity #habits #journal #англійськадлядорослих #продуктивність
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Never doubt the power of small groups of "little" people
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Если вы укоряете себя ленью или оправдываетесь неспособностью к языкам, отсутствием времени, англоязычного окружения или толкового преподавателя, вы подсознательно прячете под этими оправданиями ваш страх.

Ваш страх перед неудачей и перед неизбежными ошибками прячется по-разному, под разными личинами, но узнать его можно тогда, когда вы говорите себе:
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