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This is a very good article, Eden. People maybe afraid to talk about this subject. I have never fought the system. I applied before and was denied, and never applied again. It's a horrible feeling, to know you need help and no help is to be found; but if you're lucky ~ through your family and friends, and maybe, even strangers with a generous heart.

I'll never forget one day in NYC ... while riding the subway ... on the way home from work .... a homeless man passed me by asking for money. Well, this happened a lot to me every single day. I typically was asked for money at least 10x a day or more on the subways and on the streets. I always kept change on me to give what I could, however little. I know what it's like to struggle. Well, I didn't have any more change on me, just a $20 bill left, so I gave it to the man. He seemed like he really needed it and was very grateful. Anyways, when he asked the fella across from me to help him and his family out. That man screamed in his face. "Hell no!!! I'm not as STUPID as that blonde!!! Get a JOB you a**hole!" Oh my gosh, chaos just took loose on that train ride home. The man who asked really politely for money, just lost it (maybe, the straw that broke the camel's back), and attacked that man, who quite frankly should have kept quiet.

I really was working hard towards a good future and then, it just took a turn for the worst. The Breast Cancer and Chronic Lyme Disease health battles have been really challenging to overcome ... The severe, progressing double vision was the worst three years experience ever. Let alone all the other stuff.

I told Kyle the other day, "Honey, I feel like I have been a full time patient." He said, "That's not what I see. I see my beautiful wife who is the strongest person I know ... who has never quit ever ... who's the sweetest mom to our Sonny ... who takes care of our home and every problem ... who I couldn't live without ... and who will overcome this..." He knows my heart and I just pray that I can make it happen.

We need to surround ourselves with the people who truly understand our medical situation, because they have either been there themselves, or truly feel it. They know what it's like. It is horrible to feel like you have to say "I'm not lazy." Heck, I just said it the other day in a CaringBridge post, because I am trying so desperately hard -- to find The Cure -- for the Killer Fatigue and had exhausted myself while doing it! Lol.

This morning, as the sun rose, Sonny and I walked down to the pier a little earlier than usual, and said "hello" to a few passerby's and Veterans up early walking, too. One man said, "Beautiful Day to watch the ships come in. They are coming in all morning long." Yeah.... It was just a lovely morning, the bluest skies, peaceful.

That's the true Victory ... is finding the Peace within. Once that's really found, it will be a much better world to live in and understand others health limitations without putting them further in a hole. We are to pull people up, bring out the best in them, not the worst, and saying someone is lazy can surely do it, especially when they are giving it their all.
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Happy birthday Sonya 💐🌷💐
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Sonya Rose Atkinson

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Nice pic Dear Sonya
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Sonya Rose Atkinson

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Sonya Rose Atkinson

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~ lovely ~
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Sonya Rose Atkinson

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Dockweiler Beach
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My husband and I loved working with Michael Moses. Our experience with Galpin dealership from the moment we moved to LA from NYC has been more than great. We purchased our Ford Fusion at Galpin in 2007 and just traded it in. Our salesman who we were referred to, Michael Moses, was very friendly and very knowledgeable. We were trapped in a bad situation. What made matters worse was the additonal financial burdens from my breast cancer and Lyme disease battle. Michael Moses worked the impossible, financing a new car to us. Brought peace into our lives. He is a GREAT guy to work with; helped us purchase a new VW Jetta. I must also credit the two other employees, Paul Ulbrich and Michael Gould, who helped in making our deal happen. Also, Vicky Moreno was very efficient explaining the leasing programs and maintenance programs. Keep up the GREAT work at Galpin VW! You have GREAT employees representing your Dealership! We couldn't be a happier couple, and we WILL BE back for our next car.
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