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USA Green Cards & Visas for Work & Family
USA Green Cards & Visas for Work & Family


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Possible Increase in Immigration Fees by USCIS and Foreign Passport Problems under the Visa Waiver Program
On May 4, 2016   USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Service) published a notice to raise most of the government immigration filing
fees by more than $100. There is a 60 day public comment period for anyone from
the public to comment on the proposed inc...
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The Dream Act, President’s Obama’s Executive Orders for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Expanded DACA and DAPA(Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) – What you need to understand!!!
DACA, Expanded DACA & DAPA are not
related to the Dream Act. The latest version of the Dream Act was introduced in
the U.S. Congress in May of 2011 but failed to get through the Congress as a law
(THERE IS NO DREAM ACT!!!). The Dream Act would have provided...
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Think Carefully before Applying for a Temporary U.S. Visa or Renewing a Temporary U.S. Visa and Marrying a U.S. Citizen
Most Non-Immigrant Visas (Temporary) is
that the person applying for one has no intention staying in the U.S. and the
person plans to return to their country when that person has completed their
visit. U.S. Immigration (USCIS), Embassies and Customs all loo...
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You already have a Green Card or You are applying for a Visa or already have a Visa and you going back to your home country. You were arrested for a crime while a in the U.S. and did not get deported & you think everything is fine……………..THINK AGAIN!
you are here on a Visa or have a Green Card, any time you are arrested for any
crime you should get copies of everything (court records, police reports,
etc.). Take the documents to an Immigration Attorney as soon as possible to
know if you can fix the p...
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You want to marry a U.S. Citizen (or Green Card Holder) and Get a Green Card but your spouse does not make enough money – Learn how to fix the problem.
U.S. Immigration Laws state that a U.S. Citizen (or an Green Card holder) marrying
a person from another country must be able to support their spouse. Your U.S.
Citizen Spouse (or Green Card Holder Spouse) must make 125% more than what the U.S. Poverty ...
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Your Child’s age & U.S. Citizenship or Step-Child’s age & filing a Visa Petition can cause difficult problems. Timing is everything!!!
Whether a child is under or over 18
years of age is often a key factor for your child in gaining U.S. Citizenship
or your step child having a family visa petition approved for the green card
process. If USCIS considers the child less than
18 years of age wh...
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Domestic Violence Convictions and Expunging or Vacating a Conviction often will not protect you from keeping your Green Card or Getting removed or deported from the U.S.
Violence is specifically noted in the Immigration Laws and Regulation for
severe treatment. However depending on your case and what is stated in your
conviction there may be ways to prevent you from losing your green card and
being removed or depor...
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. Possession of Drugs and Deportation is hard to fix, But there are ways to fix it Sometimes!
often being convicted, arrested for or even admitting to possession of drugs is
one of the fastest ways to get you deported. Drug related crimes are some of
the most difficult to defend against in Immigration Court. However,
there are ways that people ...
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