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Well, no surprise here, considering how cable and satellite companies, which carry these channels, are screwing their subscribers:

Pay TV's New Worry: 'Shaving' the Cord

Kaspersky Probes ATM Malware Mystery

Tech Execs Issue Dire Warnings on Impact of NSA Surveillance

Thync Scores $13M for Foggy Brain Project

So "Terminator" wasn't so far off after all...

Elon Musk warns that robots may see humans as spam and delete them

DEA Lifts Woman's Identity, Creates Fake Facebook Page

Look, Ma! No Hands... Crunch!

Aaaand the crazy get crazier...ISIS members, you'll recall, paint themselves as Orthodox Muslims...strange how Orthodox religionists turn out to be real shitbags...see the story on Orthodox Jews and sex crimes I posted earlier...

ISIS Issues 11 Rules for Journalists

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