Lawyers and Legal Professionals on Google+ - A Working List

In the spirit of my "Lawyers on Twitter" list from oh so long ago, I've decided in these early G+ days to put together a list of lawyers and law professionals on Google+.

I intend to include lawyers, legal scholars, legal marketers, law professors, trained attorneys working in other fields, and other legal professionals. If you find your name on this list and don't want to be included, send me a note. If you want to be added, ditto.

Share the list with whomever might find it helpful as we find our legs (and our friends) in this new and promising platform. Next up: to annotate with short BIO notes. I might eventually get to that.

In no particular order - * lawyers and legal professionals on Google Plus*:

+Tim Stanley
+Amanda Ellis
+Melissa Sachs
+Jillian C. York
+Jay Shepherd
+Jay Fleischman
+Erika Wayne
+Jennifer McKeever
+Stephen Nipper
+Martha Sperry
+Denise Howell
+Deborah Dobson
+Jim Calloway
+Rick Klau
+Stephanie Kimbro
+Paul Jacobson
+Jack Newton
+Nicole Black
+Gwynne Monahan
+Lance Godard
+Patrick DiDomenico
+Gina Rubel
+William Carleton
+Stacy Stern
+Ed Scanlan
+Tom Mighell
+Laura Lee Sparks
+Robert Richards
+Robert Ambrogi
+Matthew Homann
+Nicholas Moline
+Nick Holmes
+Dennis Kennedy
+Nancy Myrland
+Samantha Collier
+Timothy Corcoran
+John Sirman
+John Holden
+Adrian Dayton
+Jason Fasi
+Kevin Houchin
+Gyi Tsakalakis
+Jeff Berman
+Gerry Riskin
+Bradley B. Clark
+Brad Rosen
+Venkat Balasubramani
+Sean McGinnis
+Jason M. Tenenbaum
+Tara clarinette
+Erik J. Heels
+John Pruitt
+Mike Godwin
+Andrew McLaughlin
+Eric Goldman
+Matt Macari
+Ernie Svenson
+Courtney Minick
+Andrea Cannavina
+Carolyn Elefant
+Huma Rashid
+David Sorkin
+Al Robert, Jr.
+Ron Coleman
+Jim Milles
+Travis Wise
+Lawrence Lessig
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