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Richard Hughes
I'm an open source hacker who loves to make framework software
I'm an open source hacker who loves to make framework software

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Can I legitimately load a GPLv3+ plugin into a GPLv2+ daemon? The plugin would be a .so object. Advice welcome!

The price of NAND flash I use in the ColorHug has gone up 1.4x in two years -- not because of material price but because the pound has greatly fallen against the dollar. Making stuff in the UK is getting harder and harder...

As a Fedora 25 user, what's the best way for me to download music legally? Thanks.

Does anyone know of any distro that's not an Ubuntu derivative that ships snapd installed by default, or that can be easily installed into that distro without manual steps like disabling selinux? I'm trying to simplify the command line options in gnome-software.

When we create an AsApp in appstream-glib we use different information sources (e.g. the desktop file, the AppData file, perhaps a metainfo file and perhaps an AppStream file). I need a word for the things that we're using as the sources for creating the app. So far I'm using "element" but I'm also considering "informant" but need some better ideas. Excluded words are "source" and "component" for reasons. Thanks!

Does anyone know of a little box that I can run Kodi on? I need one with a remote control, 1080p HDMI out, wifi and bluetooth and at least 1 USB port. I want a vendor that's going to exist in 18 months, and I don't mind paying extra for a vendor that continues to offer updated firmware. This needs to be child/wife proof, so no RaspberryPi3 :) Ideas welcome.

We're trying to find a name for the blue-light blocking sleep feature that's going to appear in the next #GNOME release. The basic idea is that we optionally reduce the amount of blue light slowly after the sun goes down so that you sleep better if you use your computer in the evening.

So far we've got "Natural Light Filter" but that's not ideal as it's long and difficult to translate. Better alternative names are "Red Shift" and "Night Shift" but those are taken. Any other ideas? We need your help! Thanks.

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Are there any #GNOME shell developers that can help me with implementing the shell UI for the natural light functionality? I've done all the gnome-settings-daemon an gnome-control-center groundwork, it just needs someone to get/set 3 D-Bus properties and show some UI. Thanks!

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2,000 reviews on the ODRS!

Does anybody know the current status of getting icm_nhi (lowlevel thunderbolt support) in the Linux kernel? I know +Greg Kroah-Hartman had legitimate issues with the initial patch but I've not seen any follow up. Anyone?
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