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Just to make sure I understand and the Ingress community has the facts could you please explain some of the following items:

Ingress Accounts:
- 3ch01c – active, primary
- bluechile – banned for spoofing
- Tr3y – your son’s account, banned for spoofing
- Alexia – your wife’s account, which you use to upgrade portals
- 3queen – the next spoof account?
- Which ones are missing?

Google+ and Other Accounts:
- +J[REDACTED]e – the real guy
- +Jack Miner – the account linked to 3ch01c, savior of all RES, mankind, the world
- xfacsupport01 (“Zia Lux”) – owner of the New Mexico XF-CC Slack, previously 3ch01c which was fake-banned (just renamed, it’s hard to ban the Slack owner)
- g[REDACTED]o – Nature loving family man (“Half man, half child, drinking up life”)
- w[REDACTED]a – NMT party boy
- Which ones are missing?

You currently have access to an Inmarsat BGAN modem that you use to create, build, and link portals. You seek to find and/or create new BGAN-only portals so you can dominate the area and have exclusive control over keys to those portals. You’ll then have the power to prevent ENL play, and also the power to decide which RES players get to play.

You have virtually no plan to recruit new resistance players. The unfortunate people who do chose blue can look forward to being taught that destroying green portals is bad – it’s better to knock mods off and maybe a resonator or two (ENL get more points if you fully destroy and fully deploy). Also, no training on “advanced” game methods like trading gear, linking, or fielding (it’s just better if L16 players do it).

I really want to make sure that I understand some of the items occurring here in FOXTROT 12 and it seems that much of it has connected back to you in some way. First there was the altercation with UFO where a picture of only you with multiple devices multi-accounting (or maybe administrating RIOT). Then you post a picture of all of the "devices" in your home. Then there was the fact that your name was in the BROKERS GUILD data leak with access to all aspects of RIOT, including administration. Then on Saturday you report an ENL player for spoofing and have her banned….you told the XFAC group before the player even knew. How is this? How would you, a RES player, know before the impacted party is even notified? How are you able to have an ENL player banned for what you are famous for – yet you are still an active player? I just need to make sure I understand what the TOS are for both RES and ENL players in F12 so that I can make any necessary adjustments to my game.
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