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Runner, Rider, Designer

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Checking on Our Training: Working Toward 4th
Pictured: All of us looking for 4th level. Not pictured: Anyone finding it. At this point, Fourth Level looms at me like something from my nightmares. On our best days, Pig feels like a confirmed horse. On our worst, I feel like I'm trying to coerce a shoul...

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Jeremy Steinberg: A lecturing clinician
Living in an affluent equine area might have a few drawbacks (the price of veterinary care, for one!), but one huge plus is the easy accessibility of excellent clinicians to audit. Jeremy Steinberg , past USEF Dressage Youth Coach and prolific clinician, ha...

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Jumping in the fray: Bits and Dressage, a story of development and principle
There seems to be a pretty fun kerfuffle circulating in the horse world right now, and I can't help but leap right out here and disagree with just about every damn person who's written something. What's the fuss about? A petition to British Dressage to allo...

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Things we do that aren't dressage
Skeptical ear asks, "Should I ask why we aren't schooling our changes instead?" While I work on organizing my thoughts for some more dressage-focused posts, I wanted to share some recent clips of moments spent outside of the sandbox, both on and off the hor...

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2016 Year in Review
I know a lot of people have been complaining about 2016, labeling it as a year best left in the dust. While I can see the point of those statements, I think it's best to appreciate every year for what we did and learned rather than writing it off. So with t...

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2016 Goal Review | 2017 Goals
2016 Riding/Horse Goals Keep Pig's stifles, other arthritis issues, and bare feet managed appropriately. Soundness and happiness are the keys to success this year. - Pretty well managed. I went into this year with a no-holds-barred approach when it came to ...

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December Stephen Check-in
Stephen Birchall teaching Pig and I in August Photo by Liz I've started treating Stephen Birchall's clinic visits as "check in visits." Moments to get pro eyes on Pig and I as a pair, and shape the path of our training for the next short period. Stephen is ...

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Thoroughbred: King of the Cuddles
Face hugs and ear kisses are our favorite. Photo by There's a large portion of thoroughbred owners and lovers in the blogosphere. I think I speak for most of us when I say that thoroughbreds are some of the weirdest, quirkiest, an...

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Understanding and Adjusting the Dressage Frame
3rd Level | PVDA Fall | 2016 Photo by Redline Photography Dressage riders talk a lot about a horses "frame". What does that even mean? And how does our understanding of the shape our horses work in develop? When I started riding dressage, my understanding o...

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An Overview of the Year's Learning
Looking back is part of looking forward. Training is cyclical. How often have we heard that? How often do we, as riders, have to be reminded of that? Over the last year, I've dealt with a multitude of physical and emotional training issues. Some related to ...
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