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we have decided to concentrate our social media activities on other channels and will stop posting updates on Google+. If you want to stay in touch with the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), please follow @DIE_GDI on Twitter, DIEnewsflash for YouTube or have a look at our profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you very much for your interest and support during the last years!

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* Global economic integration at all costs? *
The conclusion of the Transpacific Partnership is within sight. What does it mean for developing countries like Vietnam?

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**No major step forward on development finance without strong countries taking the lead**
The Addis Action Agenda is little more than an inventory of the processes and recommendations in development finance. But is it sufficient?

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**China’s dilemma: How to change a running system?**
For years, Chinese and foreign economists have stressed that China needs a new growth model as the export- and investment-driven model has become unsustainable.

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**Addis Ababa: Trying to square the circle, or – how to share responsibilities in an unequal world**

The UN Conference on Financing for Development #FFD3 in #AddisAbaba ended with a last-minute agreement. One of the most contested issues it faced was the question: How should responsibilities, including financial ones, be shared among industrialized and developing countries.

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**Addis Ababa: a one-time opportunity**
The #UNConference on Financing for Development #FFD3 begins in #AddisAbaba today. The international community will be unable to achieve the #SDGs and mitigate #climatechange without adequate financing. It is up to every actor in the public and private sectors to take responsibility now.

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**Decarbonisation is no mean feat**

The G7 leaders explicitly committed to the decarbonisation of the global economy. Yet the word from Germany’s Economics Ministry is that the envisaged climate levy for coal-fired power plants has been scrapped. If this is true, it would only underscore the fact that decarbonisation is no mean feat.

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**The nuclear deal with Iran**
Only if a ‪#‎nucleardeal‬ is achieved with Iran as planned by the end of June 2015 will sanctions against Iran be lifted. Such an agreement with Iran offers more opportunities than risks in the long term, says Bernhard Trautner.

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**G-7: a turning point in climate policy or empty words?**

#Climatepolicy was one of the agenda items at the #G7 summit in #Elmau. What should we make of the decisions?

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**Migration to Europe – is North Africa Europe's boarder guard?**
Over 1,800 refugees have lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of 2015, a statistic which shows that #Europe should have taken decisive action far sooner. Europe counteract the causes of #migration and avoid encouraging a further framing of its #migrationpolicy in security terms.
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