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judy ross
formerly in the field of bioethics; now a full-time quiltmaker. retirement changes everything.
formerly in the field of bioethics; now a full-time quiltmaker. retirement changes everything.

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Abstract: Cutouts and Overlays
Once again, a small quilt sourced from the "Abstract" video series on design; in this case, it was theater design.  The designer said that she liked to take a piece of paper and tear an opening in it, "to let the light in," and to see the stage in that ligh...

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A Bagatelle, I Think
I've been watching a series of documentaries on design, of different sorts: a shoe designer, a theater designer, a magazine cover designer, and in each, I've found something that makes me think of how to do quilts differently.  Not necessarily big ideas, al...

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Saturday: Big Book Sale for the Library
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 20, from 10-3 there will be a used book sale at the Community Center.  Since it looks like we're going to get summer, come down and pick up your summer reading at bargain prices!  All proceeds to the library fund. If you have books t...

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The Glow of the Past
"The Glow of the Past," 21"x28", 2017 I began this with a photo of a 19th Century oil painting, and used the color of the sky and the far mountains as well as the church.  Past the church, it's pretty much invented, although there is a tree in the painting,...

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Westward Ho!
Another road trip, into the setting sun and I guess some considerable degree of particulates in the air causing it to be so red.  Based on a photo I noticed in a travel mag.  Working on how to do skies better in case I go back to the astronomy quilt world. ...

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The Tulip Fields of Skagit Valley, Washington
Happens every year, and this version of the event is nowhere near as wonderful as seeing the actual event, but by December, I won't feel that way so strongly and be happy to be reminded of the wonders of spring in the northwest. Nothing unusual in the produ...

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A quilt for spring: 2017, 36"x48".  This is what I've been working on for the past few months, with occasional forays into smaller textured landscape pieces.  I'm tempted to go further into animal portraits, not least because I have a wonderful new photo bo...

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It Looks Like We are Done Fundraising for the New Library
BIG NEWS! The new Memo of Understanding was signed March 30, 2017 by the Friends, Whatcom County Library Services, and the P.R. Park and Recreation District. WCLS has offered a contribution of up to $160,000 to complete the building costs (adding to the fin...

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Final Version
A little more work on the new textured landscape gives me "Blackbird, #2." Blackbird, #2, 2017, 15"x15"

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Textured Ladscapes
Over the years, I've done a number of highly textured landscapes, including the entire "Abandoned Houses" series of a out 18 pieces.  I just pretty miuch made up how I did it, working to find ways to find a way of making fabric look like trees, rocks, house...
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