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Um cara legal. A cool guy.
Um cara legal. A cool guy.

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Shawls & Scarves - New Collection at Exotic India
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Red Ice Radio - Lana - Lana's Llama: Non Toxic Clothing & The "Green" Scene

Listen here:

Lana is the founder of Lana’s Llama, a US based, 100% natural fiber clothing line that provides an alternative to other brands that use endocrine disrupting, cancer causing and highly carcinogenic agents in their clothing. Lana is most well known as the voice behind Radio 3Fourteen and a regular contributor at Red Ice Creations. 

In the first segment, Lana describes her inspiration for creating Lana’s Llama, which stemmed from being highly sensitive to chemicals and the desire to find clothes made from natural fibers without carcinogenic chemicals added to the dyes and finishing processes. She explains the highly toxic ingredients in synthetic fibers, along with the dangerous side effects these petrochemicals can cause, including hormonal disruption, fertility issues, high blood pressure, gender-bending fetal development, and more. Lana outlines the standards and guiding principles for organic fabric production, and she talks about the ideological differences between cheap, high-volume Chinese manufacturing and the more expensive, low-impact production of slow fashion. Further, we discuss buzzwords like sustainability, fair trade and eco-friendly, and the misleading use of the term “green” that conceals the truth behind chemical laden products. 

In the members’ hour, Lana talks about some of the obstacles she encountered along the way to finding European operated garment manufacturing facilities in the US. Lana highlights the German origins of environmentalism, and we look at how international capitalists hide behind phony hippy left wing signaling that fundamentally rejects connections between nature and human origins. Then, we focus on the toxic sludge we are exposed to every day that is resulting in the poisoning and dumbing down of humanity. Lana offers natural alternatives to common chemically laced personal care products, and she details some of her favorite natural remedies for issues ranging from depression to skin irritation, adrenal fatigue, tooth decay, candida and much more. Our discussion ends with a call to action for merchants and entrepreneurs to aid in the preservation of the lands and commons our ancestors scrupulously built for us.

Listen here:

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A New Economic Order

A new strategy for mankind means the ability, from now on, to see the human species as a unity, and to see that unity in the process of mutual development. Thus, along with Friedrich Schiller, we see no contradiction whatsoever between the inviolability of national sovereignty, which is guaranteed by the law of nations and by the United Nations Charter, and the rationality of the world citizen who has in view the interests of mankind as a whole. For this unity lies in the higher development of all; the concordance of the macrocosm requires the maximal development of all microcosms to their reciprocal benefit, as Nicholas of Cusa said.

This also signifies a new model of cooperation among the nations of the world. It means that all potential treaty organizations and alliances must be inclusive, that they cannot be for the security and economic interests of some nations, while excluding others. While the support of mutual development is the premise, they must nonetheless respect the different levels of development, history, culture, and social systems, and above all, respect national sovereignty. That is Cusa’s idea of unity in multiplicity, and it must be inspired by a tender love for the idea of the community of nations, for the idea of mankind as the creative species.

We must learn to view this mankind from the same perspective as the astronauts, cosmonauts, and Taikonauts have seen it, as so wonderfully expressed by one of the Apollo astronauts who walked on the Moon:

“The fact is that evolution is now taking place in space, as much as on Earth. Man has shown that as a species mankind was willing to commit itself to living in environments that were completely different than those in which the species evolved—with a shield of life around ourselves in order to protect the life within. But the willingness to go out there, is there. We’ve shown that. The curve of human evolution has been bent.”



The Future Lies in Outer Space

Nicholas of Cusa, the founder of modern natural science and a revolutionary scientific method, came to the conclusion, in the 15th Century, that every human being who strives to do so must be capable of reproducing virtually the entire evolution of the universe in its essential qualitative levels of development, and that this standpoint makes it possible to determine the necessary next step in scientific progress.

Today, this necessary next discovery, which defines the future for the entire world, is the conquest of the energy source that will bestow energy and raw materials security on mankind for thousands of years into the future: the utilization of thermonuclear fusion power on the basis of helium-3.

Therefore, the success of the Chinese Chang’e-3 mission this past December, in achieving a soft landing of the “Jade Rabbit” rover on the Moon, was a milestone in achieving this goal. The Chang’e-4 mission will follow immediately this year, in preparation for Chang’e-5 in 2017, which can start the phase of flight back and forth between the Earth and the Moon, in preparation for the future industrial exploitation of the Moon. This will bring within reach, the separation of the helium-3 found on the Moon in great quantities, for the nuclear fusion economy on Earth.

In the scientific collaboration among the BRICS nations, but above all, among Russia, China, and India, helium-3 plays a prominent role, because as a fuel for fusion, in contradistinction to deuterium-tritium, it does not produce energetic neutrons, which are very problematic for the reactor materials, but instead produces positively charged protons, which makes possible a revolution in energy generation. Instead of producing energy through the customary method via steam and turbines, in which there is a great energy loss, it will become possible to convert the energy of fusion reactions directly into electricity, at much higher efficiencies. But Russia, too, according to the Russian space agency Roskosmos, plans a mission between 2016 and 2025, which is intended to create the basis for the industrial exploitation of the Moon. In the first phase, this involves robotic infrastructure for work on the Moon, thus, among other things mobile cranes, dredges, and cable-laying machines. After the landing probe “Luna Globe 1” in 2015, and the orbital module “Luna Globe 2” in 2016, then in 2017 the hard-landing apparatus “Luna Resource,” developed together with the Indian Space Research Agency, will reach the lunar surface and, among other tasks, convey the Indian lunar vehicle onto the Moon.

The collaboration among China, Russia, and India is paradigmatic for the new area of mankind, in which we—instead of plunging ourselves into geopolitical wars—will concentrate on the common aims of mankind. With the attainment of energy security for at least 10,000 years on the basis of helium-3-fed thermonuclear fusion power, and with the technologies associated with this, such as the fusion torch technique which will enable raw materials security by reducing waste and all types of materials into isotopes which can be recomposed as needed, mankind will reach a completely new economic platform on the basis of a very high energy-flux density. This new economic platform begins a new age of mankind. The utilization of helium-3 sources for the fusion economy will be the game-changer which will revolutionize all relationships in science, economy, and politics on the Earth and in the Solar System.

It is obvious that a continuation of the geopolitical thinking which already led to two world wars in the 20th Century, into a third, and this time, a thermonuclear world war, will cause the extinction of mankind. Instead of seeing the rise of China as a threat to the West’s supposed geopolitical interests—and thus, as the American Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey has repeatedly warned, groping around in a new “Thucydides Trap”—we need a new conception, a new paradigm which considers the development perspective of mankind as a whole.

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"This report is the blueprint for the peaceful future of our planet."
 ~ Executive Intelligence Review

Civilization has reached a cross-road, where the threat of war has returned in a manner unforeseen just months ago, but where the prospects for a new paradigm of global cooperation towards genuine development have also reached a potential breakthrough.

With the initiatives coming out of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and allied nations like Egypt and Argentina, mankind is on the threshold of a new form of cooperation among nation-states working towards the common aims of mankind.  At the Fortaleza, Brazil BRICS heads of state summit in July 2014, the member nations, along with the nations of South America and the Caribbean, agreed to create a New Development Bank, one of a network of new credit institutions to finance major infrastructure projects in the areas of transportation, energy, agriculture and scientific research and development.  Chinese President Xi Jinping has placed the highest priority on the New Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road, linking the Asia-Pacific region to Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Executive Intelligence Review, which has pioneered the proposal for the European Land-Bridge for the past two decades, has produced a new Special Report, The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge.  The 370 page report, available in hardcopy and electronic format, is a blueprint for global development for the twenty-first century and beyond.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the crucial challenges to be overcome for genuine global development on a scale unknown in human history, including water management and future energy resources.  The report details twenty of the most pressing international development projects on the agenda for the next several decades, including the New Suez Canal, the Nicaraguan Canal, the Trans-aqua project for central Africa, and the Bering Strait Tunnel linking Eurasia with the Western Hemisphere.

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O que é a Base Nacional Comum Curricular?

A Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNC) vai deixar claro  os conhecimentos essenciais aos quais todos os estudantes brasileiros têm o direito de ter acesso e se apropriar durante sua trajetória na Educação Básica, ano a ano, desde o ingresso na Creche até o final do Ensino Médio. Com ela os sistemas educacionais, as escolas e os professores terão um importante instrumento de gestão pedagógica e as famílias poderão participar e acompanhar mais de perto a vida escolar de seus filhos.

A Base será mais uma ferramenta que vai ajudar a orientar a construção do currículo das mais de 190 mil escolas de Educação Básica do país, espalhadas de Norte a Sul, públicas ou particulares.

Com a BNC, ficará claro para todo mundo quais são os elementos fundamentais que precisam ser ensinados nas Áreas de Conhecimento: na Matemática, nas Linguagens e nas Ciências da Natureza e Humanas.

A Base é parte do Currículo e orienta a formulação do projeto Político-Pedagógico das escolas, permitindo maior articulação deste. A partir da Base, os mais de 2 milhões de professores continuarão podendo escolher os melhores caminhos de como ensinar e, também, quais outros elementos (a Parte Diversificada) precisam ser somados nesse processo de aprendizagem e desenvolvimento de seus alunos. Tudo isso respeitando a diversidade, as particularidades e os contextos de onde estão.

A Base é uma conquista social. Sua construção é crucial para encontrarmos um entendimento nacional em torno do que é importante no processo de desenvolvimento dos estudantes brasileiros da Educação Básica. Entender seu real significado e participar da sua construção é direito e dever de todos.


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Aquele algo especial próprio dos cães.

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Concurso cultural Prêmio Respostas para o Amanhã está aberto a professores e alunos até 20 de setembro
Escopo: “Como as ciências e a matemática podem contribuir para a construção de uma sociedade sustentável?”

“O Prêmio Respostas para o Amanhã estimula os jovens a investigarem suas comunidades e a elaborarem projetos que apresentem soluções simples para melhorar o lugar onde vivem, conectando os conteúdos das áreas das Ciências da Natureza e da Matemática a questões do mundo contemporâneo.”

Para participar, acesse:

O Prêmio é uma iniciativa da Samsung, executada sob coordenação do Cenpec ( ) e apoiada pela Unesco Brasil, dentre outras instituições.

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