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I posted this to FB today too, but I don't know if any of you saw it or not.

Today's is... interesting: . This quote should serve to epitomize its absurdity: "Their head DBA explained that the difference between a uniqueness constraint and a primary key was semantics, and that audit records and current records should always be stored in the same table so as to keep related data together." gives a nice overview of some of the more common offenses against good programming, Jeff Foxworthy style.

Then there is the one I contributed myself:!
Some famous ones: and the follow-up (and which is so common that it later got formalized as an anti-pattern (this is... er, a favorite of mine I guess you might say, because it is the sort of thing that haunts the nightmares of pentesters everywhere. PHEER TEH SQUEAL KOOKIEZ!)!
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