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Typical quadrant score on the #HTCOne

Today I upgraded my HTC Inspire to a brand new +HTC One! Amazing phone so far!

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My Next Phone!
Introducing the new HTC One.
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Please reshare this post for Mary Ellen..

Just got my +Ingress invite! Now I wish I didn't have so much homework! bleh!

Awesome, ready for the invite!

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Thanks for showing overwhelming response during last time contest, most you have might have received the code and enjoying the game, but we highly regret for those we could not provide the code.

But don't worry we are back again with plenty of #Ingress #Invite codes just for you . Just follow below steps.

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► Circle Invite Hackers Club Page.
► Join Hacked Invites community. All future updates will be available here.
► This will be open for next 24 hrs only. After that invites will not be available for 1 week. So hurry up.

This trick worked for many ... Now its your turn.

Note:- You can ingore this post if you do not want code but please do not discourage others.

#ingress   #ingressinvite   #ingressinviteplease     #enlightenment
#ingressinvitesgiveaway  #ingressinvitation     #ingressresistance  

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Interesting to say the least...
Now that is interesting.

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The government has no business regulating the internet!
Starting today, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors on the future of the Internet. Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web.

Tell them to keep it #freeandopen by signing the petition:

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