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Keri Parmeter
I am easily amused.
I am easily amused.

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Thank you, +Google, for emailing me to say I accidentally left location reporting turned on on my phone. :D

Holy shit. I just bought 2 tickets to Germany. THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO ME.

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I made a bunch of xmas presents, including a rad TARDIS quilt!

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I could not agree more. Amazon reviewers are awesome.
I love Amazon reviewers. They're the best reviewers on the planet. The reviews of pepper spray only prove it.

I like the pricing structure of the upper end of Google Storage:
1 TB - $256/yr
2 TB - $512/yr
4 TB - $1024/yr
8 TB - $2048/yr
16 TB - $4096/yr

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First Day of School

The twitter app on my droid has really started sucking suddenly. The internets tell me that it may be causing my music player problems, too. Anyone have a good twitter client rec?

I love in movies how, when someone has a warehouse full of things, they arrange everything in a bewildering maze. It must be a law.
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