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I know this isn't exactly the right place to ask this question, but I know of the folks here probably can answer it, so I'll go ahead and ask:

I want to make an http request to a website that needs access credentials. It's a web portal for the company I work for (

Can I access the contents of my particular user portal using, say, autotools?

Bug report: Trying to use the export option in QuickTask crashes the app.

This very likely a little too much to ask, but could it be possible to have Tasker registered as a receiver to a broadcast from download manager (DownloadManager.ACTION_DOWNLOAD_COMPLETE) in order to act upon a finished download?

Someone with a little knowledge on Android programming could answer this. I know that there a few devs in this group.

I'm thinking about writing a plugin just for this (for personal use) but Id have to dive into the how-tos of writing a Tasker plugin. I've glanced at it a couple of times and it seems a little over my head.

Hi, folks

I'm trying to create profile to detect when a download is complete, and once it is complete create a notification with the option to upload it to a specific folder in my Google Drive or open the file. Now, I have it around 80% ready, but I still have a few things I need to figure in order to make it perfect (or at least close). I'm sure you'll be able to help me with that.

So, this what I have so far: Using the 'File modified' event in Tasker and entering the download folder directory, instead of a specific file, I can detect when something changes in that folder. That's the triggering event to start the process explained below and show a notification with info gathered in that same process.

After the 'file modified' is triggered by changes in the download folder, I start a task that cycles through the files in the folder and finds the one with the latest modified date, which will be the latest added file (with some exceptions explained further on), and store the full directory and filename. With that info I use +João Dias​​​' Autoweb and his Upload to Drive profile (fantastic stuff) to upload the file.

This works, but there are a few problems:

1. The' file modified' event is triggered as soon as the download starts and before the file is fully downloaded.
2. If I delete a file from the folder, the 'file modified' event is also triggered

So my question is, is there a better way to detect when something has been added to the download folder and when it is fully downloaded? Using the browser notification is an option, but that restricts this profile to downloads from the browser.

I just tried the new Gmail feature of AN and it's fantastic (I've been using another plugin for that, but this one is better). I don't understand why Google does not add that button to Gmail notifications, but anyway, what I'm here for is to ask a silly question: Why isn't the button localized? I still see it English and the other two buttons in Spanish. Not a major issue, just wondering.

I have a daily time profile (6:20 am) that sets an alarm using clock task to 6:50 am. I have three separate event profiles for alarm fire, alarm snoozed and alarm dismissed that starts, stops and stops music respectively. The alarm fires fine, music starts, if I snooze or dismiss the alarm the music stops, but If snooze it ClockTask crashes when it fires again.

Any ideas?

In ClockTask, how does one input the day list? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...? Days separated by comma?

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Anybody else having this problem when trying to choose a local image as an icon for task/project?

It says no application found to perform this action. I do have a couple of apps that can handle that intent, the same ones I've used since the beginning of time. I think Tasker itself can handle that intent!

Any ideas?

Is there a way to NOT hide the bottom bar when scrolling? I find this one to be the absolute worse new feature in Tasker 5.0. Utterly annoying and useless.

Has anyone had any problems when trying to set an icon for a task or project with a local file? I'm getting a bottom sheet saying that there're no apps found to perform the action. I do have several apps that can handle the intent sent, the same apps I've used all the time in the past. I have no idea why all of the sudden I'm getting this error.

I asked Pent in the Google group about a month ago, he asked for the system details and never heard back from him. It doesn't seem to be a very common problem, I've only found one post about it with not much usefull information in it other than Pent saying that's probably Rom related. It may very well could be, but I just don't get why it started happening like this.

I think it was soon after I started using the 5.0 beta, but I do remember that working on that version though.

Any ideas?
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