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Margaret Dougherty
urban dweller | media junkie | family historian | #genealogy | #Plantagenet & #Mayflower descendant | #BritishRoyals |#Corrie | reader of crime & historical fiction
urban dweller | media junkie | family historian | #genealogy | #Plantagenet & #Mayflower descendant | #BritishRoyals |#Corrie | reader of crime & historical fiction


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A bit of a brickwall smash: Frank Gillanders Matheson 1833-1909
As genealogists do from time to time, I was reviewing some old research for my great grandfather and some of his children last week. This is how breakthroughs or other discoveries are often made through the endless task of connecting the dots. While looking...

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Cemetery walk: looking for ancestors
On Canada's Labour Day (it's the same date as the US one, but spelled, as we would say, properly), I visited St. Michael's Cemetery here in Toronto, after finding records saying that my 1st cousin 3x removed  John Doherty  (1807-1872) is buried there. That ...

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Another brick wall gone: Isabella McKenzie Matheson
I wrote about my great grandfather Frank Matheson's three-volume bible here and the children, including my grandfather, that he had with my great grandmother Annie Ross, who were recorded in that bible  here . Frank was quite meticulous in recording all of ...

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More Cincinnati mysteries: An unknown marriage and spouses buried in separate cemetery plots
I've just found my 2nd great uncle Thomas Dougherty's death registered in Cincinnati, and it contains new information: he was 56 years old when he died on 15 Dec 1886, and he was born in Vermont. I had surmised, based on other information after I discovered...

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The mystery of Mary Ann Dougherty b abt 1854
A few years ago, when I found my great grandfather John James Dougherty (1833-1893) in the 1871 Canada Census, his household included a mystery. At the time, he was married to his first wife, Mary Ann Gannon (1838-1871), and living in Granby, where he gave ...

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The treasure troves that are death notices
My summer has been filled with much genealogy research on multiple fronts with some discoveries. The Derry Journal 's 13 Feb 1914 detailed report on the life, death and funeral of my 1st cousin 3x removed,  Paul Doherty (1826-1914), is filled with informati...

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Next generation family DNA ethnicity discoveries
I was able to persuade my four adult nieces and nephews (there are no more, so I'm not sure why I stress that they're adults...) to agree to DNA testing. Okay, I paid for their testing when AncestryDNA had their amazing Ontario Genealogical Society conferen...

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Brick wall: Longford and Cavan roots
In addition to my Donegal origins, I also have undiscovered roots in County Longford and County Cavan. At some point before 2 Jun 1834, my paternal second great grandparents Hugh Edward Caroline (abt 1798-1879) and Mary Donovan (abt 1807-1892) arrived in Mo...

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About those linkages of mine to English nobility
It was a few years ago over a heritage society lunch that I learned from someone who became a great genealogy friend that I descend from English nobility, royalty, several Magna Carta barons and sureties and Crusaders. This is a story that I didn't touch on...

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Happy first blogiversary to me!
Has it been a year already? Oh my. But the calendar doesn't lie. This is my 122nd blog post. Not nearly as impressive an output compared to some other genealogy bloggers, but I'm proud of what I've produced, and look forward to many more posts to come. Ther...
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