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10 years of connectivity
I initiated the 'Connectivity Corner' blog in December 2006. Looking back, what's changed in the past 10 years? Here are five (5) major changes. First was the arrival of the iPhone in 2007.  As the graphics of this blog suggest, it was created during, and i...

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Is nothing sacred?
The answer is 'yes.' In these troubled, cynical times, when every element of human sensibility and decency seems up for grabs, it is important to see the special, 'sacred' aspects of life around us. Time with loved ones is sacred. Time with friends is sacre...

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WeChat - Super App
Heading to Shanghai tonight for a week of reconnecting with that dynamic city. Naturally, our group members have all signed up and are using WeChat. If you don't live or work in or around China, you may have never heard of WeChat, but as the New York Times ...

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Serious questions about the future of work
Having just completed a series of alumni talks in Melbourne and Sydney on the popular topic of 'the future of work,' I am left feeling the weight of the topic, given the questions that arose in both of these large and growing Australian cities. Though atten...

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What I learned from Tom Peters
For the second year in a row, Tom Peters has been a guest in my MBA class. Tom's presence is awe-inspiring experience for my students.  But, watching my Mentor connect with people is beyond inspirational.  Here is what I have learned from watching Tom in ac...

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Connecting to place
2015 has been the year of artificial intelligence, robots and the Internet of Things.  These phenomena all challenge the notion of physicality and locality.   Having lived in
New Zealand for 24 years, I have come to appreciate the Moari concept of

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Inaugural lecture - Introduction, thanks, why 'connectivity'?
G. Kolb Professor
of Connectivity Inaugural
Lecture University of Auckland
Business School 15 September 2015 Connectivity
isn’t everything (but
it’s almost everything) Connectivity underpins almost
every aspect of contemporary life.   From
toddlers wit...

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Inaugural lecture - Literature landmarks
On 15 September 2015, I gave my Inaugural Professorial Lecture at the University of Auckland. Title: 'Connectivity isn't everything (but it's almost everything)' Landmarks in the Literature While all social science disciplines are concerned with human conne...

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Defining connectivity
From my Inaugural Lecture, 15 September 2015 that the University of Auckland Business School. Title: 'Connectivity isn't everything (but it's almost everything)' Defining Connectivity In my 2008 Organization Studies article, I define connectivity as being s...

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Attributes of connectivity
From my Inaugural Lecture, 15 September 2015. Title: 'Connectivity isn't everything (but it's almost everything)' The final contribution of the Organization Studies paper was a short
list of attributes of connectivity that was prompted by a reviewer, who
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