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What is +Google Analytics 360?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite launch is hotly anticipated. It contains six integrated products, including the rebranded Google Analytics Premium and Adometry. #Analytics   #GoogleAnalytics  

Hi guys,

Asking for a bit of help/support here!

Landing Page A contains GTM and GA pageview fires through it, and can redirect to page B (also contains both GTM and GA) in some cases, in some it doesn't redirect. Focusing only the times it redirects.

When it redirects, sometimes GA is not fired on page A but is on B due to page A redirecting very quickly, sometimes both fire.

I'd like them to fire in both (this is a must) every time. Options I can think as solution:
- Delay the redirection from the server by x miliseconds.
- Implement event call back to redirect after the GA tag fires, firing anyway after x miliseconds to avoid blocking it.

Any other option you could think of? Implications?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Anyone using a script to connect to the JavaScript iFrame based API of YouTube that doesn't work now? Any solution apart from including the parameters &version=3&enablejsapi=1 at the end of every video URL?

Hi there,

Did anyone implement successfully two Google Tag Manager containers on the same site?

Any thoughts? Renaming Data Layers?


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