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Review: Waterfall Eyes - "Fighting Losing Battles"
Fighting Losing Battles by waterfall eyes Waterfall Eyes - Fighting Losing Battles (2017 Self-Released) There are more than enough snippets of twinkly slowcore haunting Bandcamp and Soundcloud to keep me satisfied -- so many, in fact, that I tend to forget ...

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Review: Agjijer - "demo"
demo by Agjijer Agjijer - demo (2017 Self-Released) Math-Rock's a fun genre tag to toss around in a music review -- it's a cute classification that lends itself perfectly to numerical metaphor. Unfortunately, it's also a pretty imprecise way to describe mus...

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Single Review: Chivo Carnada - "Choxxo/Koyote"
choxxo/koyote by chivo carnada Chivo Carnada - C hoxxo/Koyote (2017 Self-Released) It takes bold, iconic cover art for a project to stand out in an 8-by-5 column of Bandcamp releases. Among the spacey purples and blues that orbit the streaming platform's 'a...

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Review: Johnny Utah - "Small Dogs"
small dogs by johnny utah Johnny Utah - S mall Dogs (2017 Bangkok Blend)   "Okay, why do little kids always draw the sun with a smiley face?" asks Johnny Utah, halting the folk-pop lilt of "deli platter". "We don't know where it stands, emotionally" .  The ...

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Review: cat in the case. - "SUMMER"
SUMMER by cat in the case. cat in the case. - SUMMER (2017 Self-Released) Winter is to Christmas as summer is to shoegaze: the essence of the season refined into a surge of pure, youthful idealism. While Christmas, situated at the year's end, signifies a pe...

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Single Review: Starship Emo - "(side a)"
the girl. by Starship Emo Starship Emo - "(side a)" (2017 Self-Released) Cincinnati's a humble city, littered with the quirks and charms of any good metropolitan era, yet too insecure about its own draws to tout them. It's where the Reds -- the country's fi...

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Review: Jannen Hengentuotteet - "Huonoa Duuria"
Huonoa duuria by Jannen Hengentuotteet Jannen Hengentuotteet - Huonoa Duuria (2017 Hulina) A good portion of my current music intake comes in short bursts. When online streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Apple Music are your main resources for finding a...

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Single Review: Sleepwalk - "Shine // Vertigo Zoom"
Shine//Vertigo Zoom (Only digital) by Sleepwalk Sleepwalk - Shine // Vertigo Zoom (2017 Emma's House) Sleepwalk's label may be named after a particularly influential single by The Field Mice, but their new virtual 7" single released by Mexico-based Emma's H...

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Review: Playlab - "lastleg"
lastleg by Playlab Playlab - lastleg (2017 Self-Released) No matter what search engine is at your disposal, the keyword "Playlab" will fetch a predictably trendy lineup of digital-age concepts. Your query might gather a non-profit program meant to teach you...

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Double Feature: Foliage - "Silence" // Beach Fossils - "Somersault"
Silence by ❀ Foliage ❀ Foliage - "Dare" (2017 Spirit Goth) If it weren't for their Bandcamp bio, it'd be easy to assume that Foliage frontman Manuel Joseph Walker lived somewhere in London or Manchester, circa 1980. Spiking Another Sunny Day's jangle-pop gl...
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