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Richard Tabor Greene

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My newest book for my new MOOC at Future Learn = 6 of the 33 tools from my new online onsite course on CREATIVITY LEADERSHIP from my 104 course 4 year undergrad cross-department major in CREATIVITY LEADERSHIP---all with Detao Masters Academy. 
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Richard Tabor Greene

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Richard Tabor Greene originally shared:

buy 25 books on THESE TOPICS

ESPECIALLY the book 72 INNOVATION MODELS at----link------at amazon-------

FREE EXCERPT DOWNLOAD of 72 Innovation Models book at link------------

One dilemma---do the books I have already completed outlines for (54 models of innovation, Saving Saviors: Values in Religious Practices; 420 Venture Tech Business dynamics from Silicon Valley Founder interviews, 128 Natural Selection Dynamics for Applications, 16 Genres of Systems Thinking, MIT CrowdSource New Model of Designing, A Walkthru Course in Design, Social Automata for Design---OR---string the doing of those out while working on books I have not yet outlined---penetrating new intellectual grounds. I like doing the latter but others may appreciate the former more. YUK. Plus 300 new books to read this next four months. Then 170 neighborhoods of Tokyo to visit on my bike and take 3D photos of. And a bi-monthly comedy club for expatriates in Roppongi to crank up with friends. Too much stuff inside and outside to be merely a professor. There is a self help book and a comedy novel to get started on. PLUS 8000 videos--a 7 min. 17 min. 60 min times 8000 books chapters already writtten---videos to produce. 3 hours a day for 20 years! The home-studio is done, ready, but I dread getting started in such a giant time-consuming daily activity. Yet video calls because of perhaps my goofy delivery quirks--that extra eye gleam and energy seeping out between ideas, slipping through thin words.
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glad this is shared publically----everyone go to this LINK for 25 books on creativity sciences, models, innovation models thinking design etc-------buy 25 books on THESE TOPICS
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Richard Tabor Greene

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120 CREATIVITY MODELS from 41 nations 63 professions VIA the EXCELLENCE SCIENCE Research Project at the U Chicago Booth School---the full article at this link---------
or this link-----
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Richard Tabor Greene

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30 CREATIVITY SCIENCES, 120 MODELS OF CREATIVITY, INNOVATIONS IN THE 30 AND THE 120, and and and...trumpets please......MONASTIC INNOVATION redoings of the most mundane fundamental heavily used per hour Foundations of Thought--erecting all 30, all 120, all innovations on updated more computational, more biologic, more evolutionary, more global MEDIA & INTERFACES of THOUGHT---duh----why are our status-lusted-for academics so PETTY? so UNREAD? so LACKING IMPACT? lust in = lust out---all hormone no brain--the American dream
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Check out my 6 creativity books for purchase at AMAZON.COM!!!! A forthcoming (sept 2016) giant masterwork on INNOVATIONS IN INNOVATION AND IN 29 OTHER CREATIVITY SCIENCES--will be posted for purchase at AMAZON soon----it is my 2nd masterwork = likely to be still studied 200 years from now God willing!!!

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Richard Tabor Greene

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This book---ARE YOU CREATIVE? 60 MODELS is the best most comprehensive treatment of creativity models worldwide from 63 professions--2000 A4 pages at 400 words per page--WITHOUT PEER
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Richard Tabor Greene

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LINK to a 22 page paper presenting 120 models AND liberation of all of academic from their mania for Single Right-y Models-------------

The paper at this link starts a REVOLUTION in thought--that we all secretly wanted for years!
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Richard Tabor Greene

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This is a blog on my author page at AMAZON where I respond to comments and reviews and issues related to my 26 books published on AMAZON--a library of works on creativity, innovation, design thinking, and 27 other Creativity Sciences. Educatedness, creativity, innovation, design, culture, management, and a huge capstone new work INNOVATION IN INNOVATIONS AND IN 29 OTHER CREATIVITY SCIENCES are covered in the 26 titles. One title is translated into Japanese and another into Chinese among the 26.
WORLD BEST CREATIVITY-INNOVATION-DESIGNTHINKING LIBRARY First Blog Entry At this LINK are 26 books, including one translated into Japanese and another translated into Chinese (a du...
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Richard Tabor Greene

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THE 25 BOOKS (19 on 1 pg here) that REDEFINE Creativity Innovation Design RESEARCH for the next CENTURY---ALL, including dual Chinese-English and All Japanese tomes--at AMAZON for purchase NOW
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Richard Tabor Greene

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Richard Tabor Greene

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ESCAPING petty results from ACADEMICS whose brains are made tiny by STATUS LUST (aping Harvard's ape-like thinkers)---fix 3) not just 30 creativity sciences, not just 60 to 120 models of EACH, but INNOVATIONS in all 30!!!! Escape the narrow "mommy mommy I am smarter than him" adolescent hormone filled brain sacs of Harvard profs. 
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Richard Tabor Greene

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FIXING SICK LAZY ACADEMICS--their brains-lives-careers LOST in vertical status lust--1) fix one---30 creativity sciences STUDIED/APPLIED together, the way Steve Jobs pioneered 2) fix two--60 to 120 MODELS of EACH of the 30 creativity sciences, escaping silly Amabile's "validated stats" models applied at P&G in years/millions spent, producing COPYING 8 years later a hit product in Japan--Harvard calls that "creativity", Richard Tabor Greene calls that "delayed copying"--let's get real folks and stop worship of wimpy incompetent Harvard academics hired because of their conformance to linear corelation P values. China moves MY WAY not the sick Harvard way. 
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Richard Tabor Greene

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MULTIPLE MODELS OF CREATIVITY---120 models in 22 pages from 41 nations 63 professions--escaping the game of adolescent academics of "mommy mommy my model is better than hers"--replace Single Right-y Models (like Amabile's that have NO impact when P&G, for example, applies them with years and millions spent) with REPERTOIRES of plural diverse detailed multi-level models that compensate for each other's weaknesses. A non-male-hormone non-academic-lust-for-mere-status approach to RESEARCH having IMPACT. (the horror!) THE LINK-----
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Richard Tabor's Collections
giant ugly bag of mostly water; founder the NOVELTY SCIENCES SCHOOL; rank-obsessed monkey; liberator of lives
The 20 NOVELTY SCIENCES are 20 EVENTs, 20 Courses,20 Journal Articles, 20 Books, but ONE Intellectual/Practice CORE; learn their inter-relations and many models for each in my NOVELTY SCIENCES SCHOOL---four sessions of 3-weeks each; delivered across 6 months to 2 years; a different Novelty Science per day, for 18 days in a row; more models, more diverse models, more detailed models, more comprehensive models than the Single Right-y Models academics use and generate; assess how much of how many you use and ignore.  50,000 ways to outcreate others.  Starting in Beijing and Shanghai 2012, and partly started at KEIO University in 2010.  Looking for US and European sponsors.    




Compose:   ART STORY  COMEDY      PERFORMANCE          

locales:  20 years in China/Japan/Korea, 3 in Europe, 20 in USA; 
education: MIT bachelors (artificial intelligence programming + creative writing at Wellesley), U of Michigan (2 MAs--web communities & Chinese/Japanese management, 1 Ph.d--total quality improvements of research processes) 
work: in Japan (Matsushita Elec., Sekisui Chemical); in Europe ( N. V. Philips, Thompson Electric in Paris); in USA (EDS, C&Lybrand Consultants, Xerox PARC) 
academic work: U of Chicago Bsns School (Excellence Science Research Project), Japan's 8th ranked university (Designs as Creativity Mixes; Innovation Policies; Cognitive Science, Complexity, Cultural, Social Index Models of Creating) 
research fields: design/art outcome measures, innovation policies, creativity models, operators on cultures, interface inventions; educational methods; learning events to replace classes 
invented: replacement for prose, publishing of readings industry, social cognition outcome measures of designs, social automata forms, invent events, social indexing impacts of devices/events 
NGO: mass workshop event designer, fund raiser, village development small tech inventor, micro-institution developer 
World Best:  reader, event designer, creativity modeler, design improver, sales, concept organizer, culture manager, quality technique inventor/applier 
Languages:  English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese underway 
I design:  interfaces, events, products, cultures, information arrangements/displays, globalizations of bodies of knowledge (like quality, AI, culture), software, new ways of writing, fashions (lines:  Kimono SportFormals, Suit Conversions, Everyday Celebrity) 
telling incidents:  most expensive faculty move in history of U of Chicago (lots of books); my book in Purdue University's Excellence 21--Global Quality, McGraw Hill, 1993; wrote 22,800 pages in last 5 years (440 words per page); worked without pay 1st 6 years after MIT in NGO; 
author:  McGraw Hill (Japanese AI Techniques, 1990; Global Quality, 1993); eBooks (at Are You Educated? 48 Capabilities; Are You ......Effective? 96 Methods; Are You Creative?  60 Models; Are You Creative? 128 Steps; Managing Complexity: 33 Methods; SuperSelling; 13 Methods 33 Cases; Taking Place: Creative City Theory & Practice; Knowlege Epitome: 128 Methods; Managing Self: 70 Ways; Getting Real about Creativity in Business 
coming:  64 Innovation Approaches; 64 Silicon Valley Dynamics; Managing Chance, Managing Cultures, Biosense

    in China, Japan, East Asia, Software, Fashion, Intellect
      The cognitive psych, social psych, complexity theory,
                culture, interface, social index models
  design, invention, creativity, discovery, venturing, interest
Valid statistical survey definings of rather Platonic concepts
      like: excellence, educatedness, person, invention
                          ARE MY MAIN THEMES 

                              I am in 14 Lines: 
20 years in Japan/China + 3 yrs Europe + 20 years USA; 
college degrees: MIT (SB), U of Michigan (2 MAs,1 PhD), 
college teaching: U of Chicago & Japan's 8th rank univ.;
Work: EDS, Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, Xerox PARC; 
Sekisui, Matsushita, Thompson Elec.Paris, N.V. Philips;
NGO: mass workshop venture-design events & fund raising; 
invented: replacement for prose, AI Circles, 9 businesses;
master of: total quality, innovation, cultures, interfaces;
designer: info, interface, software, fashions, product, events;
author of: 22,800 pages, 14 books, 2 McGraw Hill books;
PROUD of: 
my 175 Greene Seminar grads,
the village in Korea whose incomes I doubled permanently, 
the women whose arthritis I cured by rehab & yoga not drugs; my wife;
my books especially, Are You Creative? 60 Models.

1) make several world best institutions & industries;
2) be higher ed innovator, found new publishing industries,         
3) measure inchoates like art, design, novelty, effectiveness
4) put on a science basis: creation, design, art, education; 
5) invent: interfaces, prose replacement, informative video means
6) with my grads: spin-off ventures, revolutionary dissertations,
7) write a poetic-drama/comedy novel, that is read widely 300 
      years from now;
8) co-write something great with my smart wife

    Excellence Science; Creativity Science; Design Science
    Systems Science; Quality Theory; Performance Theory
    Audience Science; Innovation Policy; Culture Science;
    Science of Art; Gaming Theory; Story Theory;
    JIT Managing Theory; Greene School of Business;
    Liberal Arts of Business; Interface Theory; 
    Replacement for Prose; Micro-Organization Theory;
    Social Automata; Social Indexing Theory;

"There is nothing more petty, insipid, crowded with paltry interests---in one word, anti-poetic--than the daily life of an American"-----Alexis de Tocqueville

LET ME SET UP an Excellence Science, or Creativity Science, or Interface Science Center for YOU.  LET ME SET UP my before, after, BEYOND MBA school of 50 action-research courses for YOU at your firm or college.  OR I can be perfectly happy being a professor in one sub-field or another, heading a research lab area, or directing corporate training world-wide.

                              MASTER OF: 
     stats & machine learning, advanced software, quality,
 innovation, cultures, sales, information designs, interfaces
      imagination, invention, venturing, & compassion 
                              MAKER OF: 
      China network of my 200 seminar grads, 14 books, 
      strategic business ventures, a dozen inventions 
English (native), French, German, Japanese, Chinese
replacement for prose, publishing of readings industry,
  social indexes, social automata, fractal interfaces,
                    femininity of productivity 
              VERY NEAR BEST IN WORLD AT: 
world's best public speaker (in all venues highest rated),        
world's best reader, 
world's best culture modeler/handler,
world's best creativity models/applier, 
world's best culture-based venture business inventor,
world's best info interfaces, 
world's best mass research event designer/leader
world's best organizer of information: causally, for action, 
      for print display, for eMedia display 
                            DESIGNER OF: 
interfaces, events, fashions, products, information, software,

Platonic Surveys to Define Basic Terms of Thought:
1) developed EXCELLENCE SCIENCE (see below)
54 ways to be excellent in any traditional field from n = 8000
2) developed CREATIVITY SCIENCE (see below)
60+ ways to be creative replacing assumed single way
3) developed DESIGN SCIENCE (see below)
doctoral design program based on researching design genres and approaches as mixes of 60+ creativity models
4) developed SYSTEMS SCIENCE via my model of 256 types of systems effects, my social automata types, my response to responses matrices methods
5) developed QUALITY THEORY (see below)
totalizations & globalizations of one body of knowledge that worked well (in TQM movement) applied to other bodies of knowledge
6) developed PERFORMANCE THEORY uniting drama/theatre performance with work organization performance with cultures as performances; democratizations of composition, audience entities interactedly-performed by experts, the anthropological and theological stances toward audiences, AUDIENCE SCIENCE combining quality totalizations, globalizations, with anthopologic and theologic stances
45 models of innovation; 64 dynamics of tech clusters, 64 sources of entrepreneurship, social psych of invention
8) developed CULTURE SCIENCE (see below)
9 powers, 64 dimensions, 16 operations on: cultures;
cultures of: selves, devices, eras, genders, bsns. practices,
invented method for transplanting practices across cultures
9) developed SCIENCE OF ART (see below)
64 purposes of all arts as measure of art greatness
10) developed GAMING (not game) theory (see below)
64 emotive,social,cognitive,perceptive,motor memory response types times 64 purposes of all arts = 376 game types, only 24 of them have yet been commercialized!!
11) developed STORY THEORY (see below)
next steps in games/stories as next steps in models of creativity that each person's life story is = 60+ next interesting story/game/life steps, 1 for each of 60+ models of creativity
64 basic leadership functions plus alternate ways to deliver them in correct types/amounts besides a special social class of people (expensive fixed inventory) of "managers"
13) developed GREENE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (below)
before, after, and BEYOND MBAs---all beyond business that business needs; 50 tested courses of action research
14) developed INTERFACE THEORY and REPLACEMENT FOR PROSE (see below)
bushy inputs and media (web and others) hiding number, names, ordering of their points, inspired by prose, a very old interface, can be improved by fractalization regularized in various ways--result: a new way to write making point count/names/order visible at a glance, obviating laborious decoding of prose text--new kinds of writing, new web pages types, self indexing documents, a publishing of readings industry result
15) developed MICRO-ORGANIZATION SCIENCE (below)
Normal meetings & discussions are at best semi-structured, wasteful messes (they lack organization--the missing "micro" layer)--new face-to-face ways to interact from democratic rules of order, social automata theory, social indexing theory, and fractal interface theory outperform usual meetings and discussions and make possible new types of mass workshop event doing work functions faster more visibly than processes or departments, great for our coming web-process era.
16) developed SOCIAL INDEXING THEORY (see below)
Measure of current social group arrangements find we, on
average, operate knowing less than 7% of the interests, needs, and capabilities of those around us. High performers average at best no more than at 22% social index levels.  The effects of social indexing on performance, and how to increase social indexing levels in types of groups I research, along with web/social-media impacts on social index levels and purchase/click-thru rates modified by web pages designed to impact social index levels.

                  Some Skills for the Future of Design
        advanced software,
        business start up & management, 
        quality globalization, 
        crowd-sourcing, micro-donation, grant-cascades,
        event management,
        public speaking, performance design,
        and creativity skills 
that ALL DESIGN colleges and careers will need in our future.  Digital is the new "material" of design and a great earning power fallback for all artists---digital saves arts!  WATCH these next years as the USA copies the English UK move into creativity and design from 15 years ago.  Design is how advanced economies compete with India and China supply competition. 


                        KNOWLEDGE EPITOME
        Everything Beyond Business that Business Needs
                    for Business and Professionals

                Corporate Training, Research Events, 
                          and Personal Coaching
                          in the following courses:

                            Knowledge Epitome
          9 Kinds of Business Training (50 Courses)

              MBA  READING  & UPDATE CLUBS
Complete key MBA readings BEFORE going/paying so you get great grades, have time to socialize, and get a great after-MBA job; watch a genius at reading diagram all main points for you to discuss and apply to your own experiences.  TOTALLY ENJOY YOUR MBA EXPERIENCE WHILE RISING EFFORTLESSLY TO THE TOP.  
1 = MBA Finance & Accounting Readings
2 = MBA Marketing & Persuasion Readings
3 = MBA Data Analysis & Decision Science Readings
4 = MBA Operations, Organization,  & Web-ization Readings
5= MBA Leadership (Selling/Persuading/Influence) Readings
6 = MBA Strategy & Internationalization Readings
7 = MBA Technology Management & Entrepreneurship Readings
8 = MBA Economics and Behavioral Economics Readings
9 = MBA Readings in All Above 8 Areas, 1 Book-Area Per Month

Learn ALL 33 core business functions that top MBA programs have courses for,  not the 21% of them usual MBA students cover with courses they take, then apply those functions to invent/design new businesses in 5 types of industry, selling:  ideas, people, products, money, firms.  ZOOM PAST ALL OTHER  MBA  STUDENTS EFFORTLESSLY.  33 core business functions from top MBA curricula applied by you to:
10 = CORE MBA: analyze and invent businesses in five industries: selling ideas, people, products, money, and businesses.
11 = ANTI-MBA: determine What Went Wrong in the global crisis of 2008/9 
12 = ERROR MBA:  learn how real people mess up those 33 core functions and why.
13 = GREEN MBA: learn Richard Greene's “fractal globalized green-tech quality” ways of doing each of the 33 functions. 

All Eastern firms end up having to operate in the West and vice versa, PLUS all firms are going to end up in China and China will end up in all global markets—learn the issues and solutions for these transplantings now.  MAP WHAT TO FACE & BEST WAYS TO HANDLE IT. 
14 = Eastern Companies in the West
15 = Western Companies in the East
16 = All Companies in China
17 = China in All Countries 

                MAKING  A  POWERFUL  YOU
Get introduced to Excellence Science, the methods of the world's best performers in 63 fields;  Get introduced to Creativity Science, the repertoire of ways to create that the world's most creative people use to get to the top and stay there.  TRIPLE PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY. 
18 = How to Rise to the Top of Every Field and Profession, 
the capabilities of: highly educated people, highly effective people, highly creative people, people who handle error well, people who handle complexity well, people who lead well, etc.
19 = How to Become a Creator and Create:
60 models of how to create,, 64 steps of becoming a creator, 45 models of innovation,, 64 dynamics of Silicon Valley ventures, 64 sources of entrepreneurship 
20 = The Study of Business Error and How to Avoid it,
                      Business Liberal Arts, 
        an Introduction: History, Philosophy, Literature
The idea of business comedy, business philosophy, business history, business literature, business art, business design is not common, central, or important for most people in business.  They would rather lose 13 trillion US$ every 50 years or so and 3 trillion US$ every 8 years in various bubbles, excesses of business ideology religions, mass hero-CEO worship campaigns, pretending that it all is male, rational, technocratic, and valid.  This course introduces the immense cost of not studying the liberal arts of business and how those who study business liberal arts master and avoid forms of error endlessly repeated by those who do not. 
Master the dynamics of inventing and starting up new business ventures and managing them excellently; learn to use fully: technology ecosystems, piggy-backing on growth of others, the joys of massive effort, and secret competitive advantages.  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION---LEARN WHERE YOU DO BUSINESS OUTRANKS WHAT BUSINESS YOU DO. 
21 = Making Small Businesses Great: 64 methods  ways to improve any small business, established or new; including how NPO management can benefit from for-profit methods, and new forms of NPO that make profits they re-invest in the populations they serve.  
22 = Basic Start Up Dynamics—startup as location, location, location; ventures as intersecting flows in idea ecosystems and idea farms fertilized by various loves, loves & other dynamics of tech clusters and the ventures that populate them
23 = Protection Dynamics, Protecting Baby Ventures from Grown Up Bullies via Inventive Advantages: inventing secret secrets that protect ventures  
24 = Borrowing Growth--Non-Linear Technology Dynamics: how to ride to success on the growth of others, hopping on up escalators of other ventures, persons, technologies, and funders.  Finding your niche.

                          CAREER  METHODS
Early, mid, and executive career methods; economic, political, cultural, and innovation methods; individual, team member, team leader, and teams of teams methods; job, profession, hobby, and lifework methods.  QUALIFY FOR  VP  AND CEO YEARS AHEAD OF TIME. From the World's Best People & Performers
25 = Early Career Methods:  methods for young people in business and people new to a company;
26 = Mid-Career Methods: methods for people in middle age and transitioning from learning a firm to leading it
27 = Peak-Career Methods:  methods for people at their peak age and performance and taking charge of where they work, acting executive-ly 

Become a master at making and handling global market cultures, transplant practices into  diverse paradigms of doing business, and learn to attain top quality by globalizing quality methods & concepts.  DEVELOP GENERAL GLOBAL COMPETENCIES THAT WORK EVERYWHERE.  
28 = Detecting and Handling Cultures
transplanting careers across cultures,
transplanting leadership across cultures,
transplanting business practices across cultures,
transplanting strategies across cultures,
detecting, measuring, improving cultures
culture dimensions, powers, and tools
29 = Fundamental Global Business Paradigms 
business is spirit and/or community of fate—Japan
business is perfected expertise—Germany; 
business is vast fast growth—China 
business is chasing profits---USA; 
business is info & design—UK 
business is new technology ecosystems---Silicon Valley USA
30 = Future Forms of Quality--From Totalizing Quality to Globalizing It
From 20 totalizations of quality by Japan in the form of the total quality movement to 33 globalizations of quality, and other bodies of knowledge, after the total quality movement reached its Six Sigma peak 15 years ago.  New forms of quality ushered in via the world wide web. 

Avoid global economic disasters ahead of time by mastering the deep ambiguities and delusions behind basic business concepts like “debt” and “profit” and “measures” and “performance” which business philosophy studies; study whole categories of perpetual business error via business history; see the emotional powers others shun or deny and master them via business comedy and literature study.  WRITE UP THE STORY/COMEDY OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS ADVENTURES. Business History, Philosophy, Literature, Culture, Design
31 = The Philosophy of Business:  what is debt, profit, expense, risk, service, consumption, spectating, wealth, happiness, motive, care, worth; un-admitted assumptions and culture roots of business blindspots and gender excesses in business performance cultures; 
32 = The History of Business:  history as where people admit truths about business,  stories that repeat every 8 years in global economies, errors admitted only in histories; 
33 = The Literature of Business:  telling the story of your own business tragedies and comedies; capturing the emotional dilemmas and absurdities of delusionally rational leaders
34 = The Cultures of Business:  what appears general and rational is deeply emotional, a special gender culture of performance and ritual power displays; the culture of products, business practices, leadership myths, and operations faults. 
35 = The Design of Business:  Business is a fight for attention—when we as people seek jobs, when product ideas compete in meetings, when actual products compete on retail shelves.  The dynamics of interest, attention, recall, repeat visits/views—these are at the core of business success.  The best brands, firms, products, sales, persons, leaders are all designs, artworks of their own creation.  Learn 60 diverse approaches to coming up with such engaging designs of business persons, systems, products, and results. 

Making you powerful and you making the world about you powerful---master dozens of capabilities of the world's most effective, powerful, creative, educated, innovative, entrepreneural, persuasive, charming, people, people who are super salesmen, serial genius leaders, in 63 diverse professions.  SURPASS EVEN THE WORLD'S VERY BEST—learn dozens of diverse ways to create, surpass, sell. 

        M A K I N G  A  P O W E R F U L “ Y O U ” 

36 = Being a Complete Person in a World of Money & Ambition--1
64 Capabilities of Highly Educated Persons

37 = Getting a Lot More Done in the Same Amount of Time--2
96 Methods from the World's Most Effective People

38 = The Skills of Emotional, Relational, & Social Intelligence + Mind
Extension Tools of Effectiveness--3
64 Dynamics of Emotional, Social, & Self Development

39 = Recognizing & Using Culture Patterns & Avoiding Culture Mistakes-4
64 Dimensions of Cultures and 9 Powers of Cultures

40 = How to Increase the Variety & Number of Ways You Learn--5
64 Ways that People & Groups Learn

41 = How to Greatly Increase Your Mental Productivity--6
16 Structural Cognition & Social Automata Methods

42 = What Your Career Approach Lacks that Great Careers Include--7
64 Dynamics of Innovative & Interesting Careers


43 = How to Be Creative—60 Diverse Ways Science has Found--8
60 Models of Creativity from the World's Most Creative People

44 = How to Make a Creative Life & Use it to Create--9
64 Steps to Becoming a Creator from the World's Most Creative People

45 = The Femininity of Productivity, Creation, & Selling--10
SUPERSALES: 64 Steps of Selling as Culture Penetration

46 =  Getting Organizations to Change and Innovate--11
45 Models of Innovation from Silicon Valley Firms

47 = Getting Employees & Managers to Risk, Initiate, & Venture--12
64 Sources of Entrepreneurship & 25 Steps to Insight

48 = Alternative & Inventive New Ways to Deliver Management--13
64 Basic Functions of Managing & Leading

49 = Methods for Establishing and Using Power--14
The Power to Create and Creating Power: 64 Steps

50 = Plus: T h i n k i n g t h e We b 64 Huge Changes in Your World & Business the Web Is Installing—15
  • Keio University
    Professor of Design Creativity and Innovation in SDM grad school, 2010 - present
  • De Tao Masters Academy Beijing Shanghai
    Master of NOVELTY SCIENCES, 2011 - present
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
    calculus, analysis of real numbers, 1963 - 1965
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    artificial intelligence programming, 1966 - 1971
  • Wellesley College
    creative writing: cross-registration, 1968 - 1970
  • University of Michigan
    MA in web communities, 1982 - 1983
  • University of Michigan
    MA in Chinese/Japanese business, 1983 - 1984
  • University of Michigan
    PHD in total quality design of research processes, 1983 - 1985
  • University of Chicago
    Lecturer in Quality Management, they called me I did not apply, 1992 - 1997
Basic Information
New MOOC Tools for Creativity Leadership online onsite course 280 knowledge points by Master at De Tao Masters Academy Beijing Shanghai; publishes creativity books in Chinese; Consults high tech firms for social indexing social automata measures of social media design impacts; Coaches entertainers in poetries of voice, image, and motion; Interviews in 3D all Tokyo designers in170 neighborhoods riding my Birthis 222 custom crank forward foldable bike; sets up NOVELTY SCIENCES at KEIO, at DTMA Beijing, in Europe somewhere soon, in USA somewhere soon; designs events/products/interfaces/cultures/fashions; teaches 50 courses before/after/beyond MBAs; writes new kind of prose; professor; research lab leader; fiction author of comedy novels for people 300 years from now
  • Buy my Books at
    2010 - present
    Download free 1450 pg book of 50 page each excerpts of all 24 of my books at
  • KNOWLEDGE EPITOME: Everything Other Than Business that Business Needs, Liberal Arts for Business to Undo Faults of MBA Programs
    designs events/products/interfaces/cultures/fashions; teaches 50 courses before/after/beyond MBAs; writes new kind of prose; professor; research lab leader; fiction author of comedy novels for people 300 years from now, present
  • In Japan (Matsushita Electric, Sekisui Chemical); in Europe (N. V. Philips, Thompson Elec. Paris); in USA (EDS, Coopers&Lybrand Consultants, Xerox PARC)
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