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Grey Whittney
Neo-pagan, centered around the nature spirits.
Neo-pagan, centered around the nature spirits.


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I'd be curious what others think of this, in light of your own spiritual/religious practice. I want to read it more fully before writing more.

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Had a great time with Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center at the UU Church of Meadville for this morning. Special guest for the story for all ages was one of the education birds; Sophia, the Barred Owl. I went to assist, and be another pair of hands for the Coffee hour. Little did I know I'd have the honour of the holding Sophia. Thank you to everyone who turned up, and to all those that make Tamarack's work possible by donating time, and money.

Speaking at Allegheny Religion and Ecology Class went really well today. They had some good questions, I spoke about ADF, and only 2 out of 18 seemed bored (which is better than having anyone horrified that a Pagan is talking to them). Enjoyed it, even if it always freaks me out that I'm talking to a group.

and second question following on from the last:
“to what extent is [your religious/spiritual practice] anthropocentric or eco-centric“

You know, I had to look those words up #shameful smile#... I'm not sure I can answer that from an ADF standpoint.. Personally, I'm trying to say "Oh, it's ecocentric, yes indeed", but there is also a part of working within yourself to reflect to that which is outside of you, but I'm not sure that's 100% anthropocentric (I wonder if there's a better word for it..).

Today I'm going to talk to the students of Allegheny for Rev. Jane Ellen's Religion and Ecology Class (3rd year running). I've been looking over the readings they have, and I thought to post the question here: "does [your religious/spiritual faith] provide embodied practices that lead individuals into a state of communion with the other than-human-world"?

I had some spam on my blog, or rather I had a comment that had an advertizing link to a website, but someone actually spent the time to compose a reply to something. I actually think it's a great comment, and wondered if anyone would like to add a response to it here:

"Maybe a little off topic, however, I mean sure, after a prayer you might see a white feather fall in your lap, a meteorite take out a hated enemy of yours, or some other serendipitous event, but more often than not you see nothing at all.

How can so many conclude God is actually out there and listening to prayers and pleas for assistance when often seemingly no acknowledgement is sent?

Is it wise to act under the assumption that God has indeed answered, when in fact, no answer is actually forthcoming?"

Granted, it's someone who doesn't follow a polytheistic religion, but I don't think that negates the thought.

(Note: I marked this as public.. if someone wants this as a more private link, I can always re-post under a different setting)

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A quick something for those that didnt make it at Tamarack.

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Jumping the Gun a little (as the site is currently changing from test to live...), but here's the new site for Tamarack Wildlife... Toni Kelly is the designer, and she's done a fantastic job (all I had to do was poke the webserver settings).

I hear Paypal button is coming soon...

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New Blog entry, following Tamarack work this morning. Now I'm warming up and grabbing lunch before heading to Meadville to help out at a Grove Friends house.

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This coming Sunday, October the 9th.. Tamarack Wildlife out in Saegertown, PA is having their open house. I'll be manning some tables with other volunteers, so come support the center, the people, and all the work they do (You'll have the chance to see all the live education birds too!). Come see what the generosity of the community can do!

How often do you get a chance at seeing live birds of prey, ambassadors of the Feathered Nature Kin!!
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