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Each year at GenCon, Games on Demand continues to get bigger and better. Since 2012, it's been my GenCon home-away-from-home, and right now we could use your help.

We could really use your support to pay expenses, support our volunteers, and keep working to make our space safe and accessible. (One of the goals of this fundraiser is to pay for pronoun badge ribbons, which I'm really excited about!)

The con is only a few weeks away, so please help signal boost this campaign!

Hello, superfriends!

If any of you fine folks are going to be at GenCon and want to run The Watch, hit me up and I can hook you up with tips and resources to ensure a dynamite one-shot.

Also, I pretty much won't be leaving Games on Demand, so I'll be easy to find. Come say hello!

Hey. If any of you fine folk are going to GenCon in a few weeks and would like to run The Watch, hit me up. I can offer tips and resources for running it as a one-shot.


Convention season reminder:

"Don't be a dick" is completely inadequate as a community or event policy with regard to the issue of harassment.

If you make your community/event policy "don't be a dick", what women and other marginalized people hear is that their complaints will not be taken seriously, so don't bother venturing into that space.

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Hey, folks! Games on Demand is still looking for volunteers for this year at GenCon!

We still have badges we can offer, and all of our volunteers will get pre-boarding passes that let you jump the boarding lines for one session and choose whatever game you want. It's a pretty sweet perk, especially when you consider what the cost of a 4-Day pass to GenCon costs.

If you're interested, please fill out this form in the next couple of days. We're still lower on volunteers than we'd like to be, and we want lots of folks on hand to run tons of awesome games.


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PSA to cisdudes about back-channels and convention season

So it's convention season, which means that women are talking about harassment, because we have to. Because conventions are not safe, because GAMING isn't safe. Shit like the nonsense at VidCon with Anita Sarkeesian (linked) is an example of why this is such an important conversation to have.

And yet. AND YET.

Cisdudes, you have NO FUCKING IDEA how much of this conversation happens in "back-channels" with women and enbies only. There are so many spaces that women and enbies CAN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT not being safe in, because the mere act of saying "this space is not safe for me" will bring down the wrath of god on their heads in the form of dogpiling, trolling, and character assassination. IF THEY'RE LUCKY. (If not, add doxxing, hacking, and death threats to the list.)

And this happens because it has to. Because we have to keep ourselves safe, and find support for when we can't be safe because we're being harassed. And the reason we have to do it no no-cisdudes-allowed backchannels* is because y'all collectively DO NOT HAVE OUR BACKS**. EVERY GODDAMN YEAR this happens, and some of you make noises about what a shame this is but most of you don't even do that much. And then you continue supporting the abusers who make spaces unsafe for us.

Shit, some of you even hand ammo to the harassers, because some of us haven't been NICE to the people who harass us. See, again, the example of Anita Sarkeesian where she was told she violated VidCon policy by insulting another attendee.

So, cisdudes. I'd like you to think about the ways in which you personally contribute to the environment that makes women have to do all this back-channel conversation in the first place. And then maybe actually do something. The onus can't be on the people getting harassed, because we're too busy just trying (and failing, yay patriarchy) to stay safe.


* There's another conversation to be had about why enbies always have to get lumped into women-only spaces, despite that masc leaning enbies exist, because male-only spaces are almost always not safe for them. But that's a different topic.

* Some of you are lovely, obviously. #notallmen #youknowhowitis #pleasedontharassme

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A long, long time ago, I was lucky enough to get an early look at Cthulu Dark, and even in its larval state it was impressively compelling. The amount of work that +Graham W has put into polishing it since then really shows, and were I not unemployed, I would be throwing ALL KINDS OF CASH at the super-sweet upper tier backer levels, which are super creative and flavorful.

As someone who is VERY choosy about the Cthulu adaptations I consume, since those that mindlessly replicate the misogyny and racism of the original body of work are a hard pass, I can enthusiastically say that if you like Cthulu-esque horror, you should GO BACK THIS GAME. This is a fresh, inclusive look at a horror classic, with an accessible system and lots of unnerving content. I'm pleased as punch to see it doing as well as it is!


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Some super cool art references here:

Hey. It's been a while, so let me reiterate that if you send me a friend request on FB, I probably won't accept it, because I use FB for meatspace life and pictures of my kid and not games. So if we met at a convention and I don't accept your friend request, please don't take it personally. I'll be more than happy to connect with you here, though you may need to remind me where and how we met. (Google's tiny profile pictures are challenging) 
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