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Lisa Friedman
Jewish Special Educator who knows that each of us is created B'tzelem Elohim (in God's image).
Jewish Special Educator who knows that each of us is created B'tzelem Elohim (in God's image).

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"With commitment, anything is possible" #commitment #change #Shabbat #autism  

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Max and Wayne: Reflections of Shabbat
was recently reminded of the value of sharing stories to help inspire and
encourage others to take steps toward living their inclusive values. Each of
us is a work in progress and I appreciate opportunities to reflect on my own
growth as an inclusive educ...

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Living Up to My Inclusive Values
I’ve had more than a month to reflect.  I've recovered from the jet lag and gotten rid of that awful sinus
infection.  I’ve posted my pictures and thoroughly enjoyed everyone else’s.  And yet, it’s taken me more than a month to write this post.
Mostly becau...

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A Reminder of What is Possible - “No Limits” on the Jewish Disability Community
When you write a blog, there are some posts that get lost in the mix over time. It is hard work to continually bring each one back to the front. But there are some posts which are just too important to let fall by the wayside. This is one such post. This Wi...

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A Word of Caution Before Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month
There’s a buzz in the Jewish Disability World. Can you feel it? A few weeks from
now will mark the beginning of yet another Jewish Disability Awareness
and Inclusion Month; affectionately known by those who love acronyms as JDAIM. It can be a
wonderful oppo...

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Disabilities vs. Special Needs - It's Time to Use the Words We Truly Mean
I have wondered aloud ( and in writing )
about the difference between using the word disability and the phrase special needs . While I prefer the term disability as I think it is clear,
understandable and not in any way derogatory, I have been approached by...

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Are you able to #embrace Good Enough? #goodenough #letgo #faith #disability #inclusion  

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Embracing Good Enough
We can be
our own worst enemies.  Too many of us push ourselves to do more and more, never
quite slowing down to appreciate what we have accomplished. And we are our own
harshest critics when we haven’t reached the impossibly high standards we set
for ourse...

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