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Memphis, TN
Working on my time machine. Not turning out anything like the picture on the cereal box...
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Matinee was $6.50 for first run movie. Not bad. Clean.
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Great variety and food.
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Don't lose your pet on a Saturday. It appears that the rules state that a found animal becomes the property of the shelter (ie, subject to euthanasia) after 72 hours. Our dog got out on Saturday. The Shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday. The desk clerk informed us our time would have been up at the end of the day on Tuesday. Fortunately, we were there first thing Tuesday morning. We also were told that since our dog's tags were out (by a week, he was scheduled to go for his shots and tags the next week) he would have to get them there before they could release him to our custody. Fair enough. They then informed us that because he was not neutered (scheduled for next month) that would have to be done or pay $200 extra dollars for a "Fertile Permit". OK, go ahead. They then informed us that he would have to be tested for heartworm. OK. We explained that he was diagnosed with a mild heartworm infection but had no symptoms, so his doctor suggested we keep him on his preventatives to kill off any new eggs and the adult worms would eventually die out. They tested, he was positive. "Sorry, we can't neuter him if he has heartworm." "Can we take him to get neutered at his regular vet's office and bring you the paperwork?" "No, that will be $200 extra dollars for a Fertile Permit before we can release him." Ironically, he will be fertile about a week... Still haven't gotten his original collar and tags (which he was wearing when they took him) back. It had all his registration tags from the last five years on it. Not necessary, but I would like to have it back and I know it is just sitting in a drawer there somewhere.
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Good food value and friendly staff.
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They have English, Spanish, and American Sign Language congregations that meet here. The sign language is cool to watch!
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