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Linda Sapp
Attended North High School
Lives in Cross Lanes, WV
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  • Retired, present
  • The Union Dept. Store, Chemical Abstracts,
  • Atlantic Research, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
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Cross Lanes, WV
All over - Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Germany, Georgia
My father was in the Army so we traveled a lot. He had 2 tours of duty in Germany during non-combat times so he took us with him. Went to North High School and then 1 year at Ohio State Univ. Married Jim and we have 3 wonderful children, all of whom we're very proud, and currently 3 grandchildren and 1 step-grandchild who is also very wonderful. I enjoy cooking, planting, sewing, reading and the computer.
  • North High School
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Shame on you, Capitol City Homes. First you build a home where it should never have been just to have a house for sale to make money. And now you're putting up a "fortress fence" around it like it's a castle and no one is allowed on the grounds. I'm talking about the home on the corner of Eden Grove and Downton Grove. You probably have never even been out here, have you? You probably don't even care what the neighbors have to say (1) about the "lonely house" on the corner, and now (2) the ugly fence going up. And you don't seem to care that part of the property being fenced in is probably not going to be liked when the people who have tentatively bought the house across the street from us (in whose back yard this abuts) come for their "walk through" next week. I'm anxious to hear the results and I will. If you had been any kind of people with thoughts of the people who purchased your homes, you might have put in a black wrought aluminum fence such as we put in and not for as much land as you're using. Come to our back yard and see how nice it makes the lot look and our neighbors are so very happy we went with it rather than the "fortress fence. Maybe suggest it to the people whom you might eventually sell the house to. Or you put in a small black aluminum fence and charge them for it. Also, you could have made that a very, very nice recreational area for the children here as well as the parents. How about some nice trees, shrubs and flowers? Anything but that house and the fortress fence. Come on out and see just what I'm talking about. Would you like to stare that that ugly thing day after day. Well, my sewing room is on the front side of our house and looks directly out on what's left of an empty lot with unnecessary house and the beginnings of an ugly fence.
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St. Bernadette's is a gorgeous church both outside and in. I would love to be able to go to St. Bernadette's every week and come home feeling fulfilled like we used to in our previous church but we simply cannot understand Father's homily. We can read the rest of the Mass (or most of it) in the accompanying books (and we can do that part at home) but we cannot read the homily nor can we understand Father's extremely broken English. I'm very sorry, Father. We are wondering how many other parishioners feel like us. Maybe you should print out a copy of your homily for those of us who don't understand you. We hate missing Mass and Eucharist. The accompanist blasts out the cantor and the choir so you can barely hear them. You do not need a microphone at the piano in that church. I'm sure the cantor and choir don't appreciate it. Nor did we. Turn down the volume, please. And why bother having ushers/greeters if they don't do their job? Where we came from everyone entering was greeted warmly and afterward did the same and handed them the bulletin. People around you smiled and spoke to you. Everyone enjoyed the Mass and singing. It was a warm friendly Church that once people visited there from out of state, they usually returned on their way home and many times returned more than once. We have been told that we were one of the friendliest churches they had ever been to and it was always a pleasure attending Mass there. They felt right at home. The priest was the same way. He smiled as he entered and left. He stood outside and greeted people as they came and left. We all mingled afterward and at the 9 am Masses, cookies and coffee were offered. I know all this because I worked in the office of our previous church in South Charleston, WV, for 28 years. And in those 28 years, I worked for four different priests. It was like Heaven. I only wish St. Bernadette were like it. We attended 5:30 pm Mass for several weeks but haven't returned. We are used to going to Mass every single week. The only times I missed were when I had my children. And even when they were infants and quite young, we would take turns going to Mass or watching the babies but each of us would attend Mass every week. In the event of a West Virginia-type snowfall, we had a distance of about 12 to 13 miles to drive to attend but we always made it to Mass. I have a friend in South Charleston who came to the Raleigh area a couple years ago and before we left he told me that we would not ever be able to find a warm and loving parish like the one there in South Charleston because he had looked and looked while he was here but never found one. And it's a real shame. You don't get the feeling of "belonging" here. Maybe we'll try it again in a while but not yet and maybe we'll try the Catholic Church in Apex.
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If you're like me and turn your back at the mention of "dentist", well, then, this is the guy for you. He is wonderful; beyond wonderful; and patient and gentle and caring. The entire crew is great and I can't say enough about them.
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