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We'll be discussing systems, visualizations, comics, mediation...and more!

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Going on a Blog Hunt. #clmooc Marks the Spot.

It’s a blustery, rainy…and sticky-warm July day. And yet, I am still about to embark on a walk…a blog walk. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ve seen an abundance of the #clmooc hashtag in my stream. Hopefully, you haven’t muted it before I had a…

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No. Don't Surrender. Leverage.: Creativity in Scholarly Work

I was just talking with a colleague in the throes of dissertation writing. She’s right in the middle of the mess that is trying to thinking new thoughts. And though she was trying her hardest not to show it, she was feeling downtrodden, and at a loss…

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Write. Create. Make.: A solution. Not a resolution.

I’ll say it. My 2014 Year in Review from WordPress is sad, just sad. And though the graphics are fun (thanks, WP), my work on this site has not been fireworks worthy. Let’s just take my 2014 Posting Patterns as an example… Posting patterns? Pretty…

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Pls join & share: #IAmA #LRAShow Guest on 8/19 @ 8PM EST: Young Adults & their Writing Practices

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"Writing is making stuff" -Sid Dobrin
(A link to the conversation through +National Writing Project's Digital Is website.)
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