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Hi all. I'm Tim and I am a Team Lead for Training and Knowledge Management (KM) at eHealth Saskatchewan (IT support for Healthcare). I'm also a PhD Candidate in Computer Science focusing on Interaction Design for KM. Like all others in the group, I am interested in discussing and finding out about trends in learning and education (and KM). Looking forward to it!

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Hell Hounds @ Exchange - Dec 6, 2014
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Another day on the farm
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Great tune at the end of an exciting day

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Wonderful band! I found out about them during the 2012 Breakout West in Regina. My dear friend Ben Checkowy asked me to help him take some pics - I had such a wonderful time. Whenever I listen to these folks it reminds me of him

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Helping me through the grande reformatting of 2014. Do yourself a favour and buy this one!

0 degrees outside, yes (brrrr), 1 million degrees in my Luther office yes...I should go work outside!

DRUPAL! love me again! .....wOOt-WoOt!!

Drupal, why do you still hate me so?
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