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Google+ loves math.  Scanvine says my Slate piece about the bounded gaps theorem has been shared about twice as often on Twitter as it has on G+.  For Slate's other top articles of the week, the ratio is closer to 10:1.  (The one exception, unsurprisingly, is an article about how teens are abandoning Facebook.)
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Normally I'd advise you to go to your post, open the "Options" menu hidden under the wedge operator in the top-right corner, and choose "View Ripples" for a nice visualization of how it spread.

Sadly, in this case there's a bug: you can't do that with a post that used a "non-canonical" URL for the article, and you posted the single-page URL, which canonicalizes to the standard first-of-two-pages version.  If you "View Ripples" and then edit the URL to remove the ".single" before ".html", you can see the visualization.

(And I've reported the bug internally, of course...)
(FYI: The "View Ripples" bug I mentioned has been fixed, and you can now use the link in the Options menu directly.)
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