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New paper with TriThang Tran and Craig Westerland proving the upper bound in the weak Malle's conjecture (i.e., upper-bounding the number of extensions with Galois group G and discriminant < X) for rational function fields.

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New prize from the AMS for mathematics that furthers human values.
New AMS prize: The Bertrand Russell Prize, which honors research or service contributions of mathematicians or related professionals to promoting good in the world and recognizes the various ways that mathematics furthers human values. The prize was established by Thomas Hales, University of Pittsburgh, and will be first awarded in January 2018. (Photo or Bertrand Russell: Wikimedia Commons.)

"I’d love to lock up everyone in political power and not let them out until they’ve read “How Not to be Wrong.” " says Jared Bernstein in today's Washington Post.

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Kindle version (and other e-pub versions) of How Not To Be Wrong on sale for just 2 pounds!  (Apparently this doesn't work for people in the USA, sorry....)

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I'm in today's New York Times, writing about the Common Core math standards, and why so many states are pretending to get rid of them.

How Not To Be Wrong is out in paperback today!

The Einstein of our times works at Trader Joe's and invented peanut butter and jelly yogurt.
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