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"I’d love to lock up everyone in political power and not let them out until they’ve read “How Not to be Wrong.” " says Jared Bernstein in today's Washington Post.

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Kindle version (and other e-pub versions) of How Not To Be Wrong on sale for just 2 pounds!  (Apparently this doesn't work for people in the USA, sorry....)

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I'm in today's New York Times, writing about the Common Core math standards, and why so many states are pretending to get rid of them.

How Not To Be Wrong is out in paperback today!

The Einstein of our times works at Trader Joe's and invented peanut butter and jelly yogurt.

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I have a piece in Nautilus about the abelian sandpile, self-organized criticality, etc. Lots of pretty pictures (thanks to Wes Pegden at CMU.)…/23/domin…/the-amazing-autotuning-sandpile

What would happen if you tried to hit a major league fastball with a tennis racket? Would the ball rip through the strings? Or would you actually be able to hit the ball back with distance? Would you hurt yourself? 

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UW faculty members wrote pieces in the Wisconsin State Journal this week, trying to give a sense of the research we do and why it matters.  Here's mine.

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I have a New York Times piece this week on logistic regression and NCAA basketball tournament predictions.

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