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Eric Schilling

Greetings CCOWers! 

Just wanted to pass along some exciting news. I officially joined the Scratch team!  I'll be working down at the MIT Media Lab as the Scratch Online Community Coordinator! Woo!

I'll keep you all in the loop on any interesting Scratch happenings :]

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Just finished this experimental short film.

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Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful start to the school year! I look forward to hearing many updates :]

Hello everyone,

Congratulations on your completion of CCOW!!! Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience :] 

I am currently putting together a video recap of the Symposium and would love additional photos and videos from the event. If you could share links to any content from the event, that would be amazing.

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"... For example, primary school children from the age of five will no longer be taught word processing skills, but instead will be allowed to design and test computer programmes they have written themselves. Kids of this age will also all be taught internet safety, how to spot danger online and how to keep personal details private in computing lessons.

At secondary school, pupils will continue their learning by being taught a variety of different programming languages as well as learning about networked computer systems, the relationship between hardware and software."

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Just wanted to pass along a link to the Tricks and Tips studio. Please do ask any questions you may have following todays segment!

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Special shoutout to fellow CCOWer +Joseph Bacal for being featured on the homepage with his "Dino Learns to Program" project.

Kudos to you, sir! 

Attention Fans of Tricks & Tips with Maryjo & Eric: I invite you to create a short opening via Scratch for tomorrow's Tricks & Tips segment!

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If anyone is interested in taking a breather from Scratch, I encourage you to check a recent TEDx Talk by a former professor of mine about the myth of designing education for the average.

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More or less my feelings toward Week 2 of #CCOW :)
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