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Ben taking a nap on me

RIP Steve Jobs. May we all strive to advocate for the users and create incredible products. 

Wow my G+ stream has really slowed down. We all lose interest in this newfangled thingy already?

Comment spam has arrived. Why doesn't G+ have a tool to report a comment as spam?

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This is incredible, tilt-shift photos of Van Gogh paintings. They really look 3D.

When I was in 3rd grade, my parents bought an Apple II+. I tought myself basic and learned to use BBSes on a 300 baud modem. If not for that, I wonder how different my career and life would have been. Thanks, Steve.

I'm happy that the meme "First World Problems" has become so widespread. It keeps a healthy perspective front-of-mind.

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Ah to have time for this kind of stunt. Note: I've been working on a software release at my company Attensa, we ship soon so I'll be back on G+ more I promise!

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Tablets don't mean the end of the PC era, at least not for most of us. Survey numbers below, follow the link.

Is it possible that the death of the TouchPad is actually good for the cause of tablet diversity? Noone wants a world where Apple owns the tablet market exclusively for the long term (ok maybe that's just me).

By killing off the TouchPad, the menagerie of "also rans" gets a bit less confusing. The PlayBook is easy to dismiss. Does this allow Android to become the clear #2 contender? Google and it's partners had better move fast, before Microsoft shows up to the party - even though MS will be late, they have a pretty compelling argument to make re: interoperability with your PC life.
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