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Voyage MPD on ARM-based platforms
Voyage MPD on ARM-based platforms

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[ADV] Store news.  New MuBox DAC+ and DAC2 kits are now available in our store!  Featuring:

1. Raspberry Pi B+ board (DAC+) or 2B (DAC2) board
2. Hifiberry DAC+ 192MHz/24bit w/ RAC connector
3. Clear acrylic bone-shape (DAC+) or black acrylic (DAC2) enclosure
4. 8GB uSD class 10 pre-loaded with Voyage MuBox OS.
New MuBox DAC+ and DAC2 kits
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We have updated MuBox's RPi on DAC configuration and performance tips.
1. Configuration for HifiBerry DAC, Digi/Digi+ and Amp/Amp+
2. Configuration for Soekris DAM1021 DAC
3 .Overclocking tips and reducing GPU memory

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Raspberry Pi 2 model B is well supported with MuBox!!!

You know what?  Today, I receive the RPi 2B board from element14.  Just take out the uSD card from B+ and plug into 2B.  It just works without any modification! 

Now it has 4 cores and it should be more powerful.  Initial test shows it converts DSD64 to PCM on the fly via MPD without any hiccups.  May be we would implement interrupt and process binding to specific cores like we did in CuBox-i4Pro.

And I overclocked it from 900MHz to 1100MHz and run at full speed ;-P


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MuBox on Raspberry Pi B+ with Hifiberry DAC+  !!!

I can't believe it sounds so goooood !!!

Installation instruction:

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New Hifiberry DAC+ donation and announcement of RPi port of Voyage MuBox.  Cheers!

If you run MuBox on CuBox-i, you might know that HDMI is not support in our 3.14 kernel series.  Here is our 3.16 kernel that added HDMI support.

To install:
tar -Jxf kernel-cubox-i-3.16.6~fc20+.tar.xz -C /


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Realtime kernel for CuBox-i is now available!

We have included new instruction for installing realtime kernel for CuBox-i

and there are some more info/tips/tuning on realtime kernel as well!

And remember to tell us how it sounds after playing with it!  Cheers!

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[ADV] uSD cards with MuBox pre-loaded now available in our store!

Store news.  Our store is now offering uSD cards with +Voyage MuBox pre-loaded starting at US7.99.  We hope to ease installation of MuBox to your board.  Current uSD offers are:

1. 8GB uSD (class 4) for CuBox-i (US$7.99)
2. 8GB uSD (class 4) for Cubieboard2 (US$7.99)
3. 8GB uSD (class 10) for CuBox-i (US$9.99)
4. 8GB uSD (class 10) for Cubieboard2 (US$9.99)
5. 8GB uSD (class 10) for BeagleBoneBlack (US$9.99)
6. 8GB uSD (class 10) for BeagleBoneBlack - rt kernel (US$9.99)

For more information please visit:

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Cheers!  Voyage-MuBox now runs 3.14.0 kernel on CuBox-i.

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3.14.0-rc1 is now running on CuBox-i4Pro!

This is still at very experimental stage.  I am sure I will have more tests on it.
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