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Again, science for the win!
Very cool experiment!

This experiment is the Chladni plate experiment. I used a tone generator, a wave driver (speaker) and a metal plate attached to the speaker. First add sand to the plate then begin playing a tone. Certain frequencies vibrate the metal plate in such a way that it creates areas where there is no vibration. The sand "falls" into those areas, creating beautiful geometric patterns. As the frequency increases in pitch the patterns become more complex. 

Via: +Corina Marinescu 

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This is What Happens When You Run Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave

 Brusspup’s latest video explores what happens when a stream of water is exposed to an audio speaker producing a loud 24hz sine wave.
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2

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A few pictures from Breckenridge over the weekend.  Had a great time.  
February 10, 2013
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Could you sleep like this?  I think I might have problems.  
When you can do something unique; It's art
Extreme camping!

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Does anybody else want to go visit a turkey farm just to gooble at them like this?
I'd be doing the exact same thing.

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In anticipation of the upcoming Hobbit movie, some Lord of the Rings news.  

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I don't normally post political stuff, but I thought this was an interesting visual representation of the election results.  
Fantastic maps of 2012 votes on maps re-proportioned by population or electoral votes.  Don't miss the county-by-county ones at the bottom. (HT, Boing Boing). 

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This is a little background for my previous post if you haven't read anything elsewhere.  
Barack Obama may have comfortably won re-election in the electoral college, and squeaked a victory in the popular vote. But here is the absolute, undoubted winner of this election: Nate Silver and big data.

This year, according to all projections, Silver’s model has correctly predicted 50 out of 50 states. A last-minute flip for Florida, which finally went blue in Silver’s prediction on Monday night, helped him to a perfect game.

Are you wowed by Nate Silver? #Election2012 #Obama  

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Last night was a great example of math and statistics doing what they do best.  (This is a Nate Silver and the 538 blog reference for those confused).  

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This is pretty cute.
I'm totally going to kick your ass, you bi--- hey, wait, the ground is all sproingy!
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