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I read a little story recently that went something like not exactly I'm paraphrasing.... " I heard something recently that concerned me. I read that guns kill people so I was concerned of course so I took my AK-47 and I set it on my dresser pointed it near the door and left it there I walked in and out of my bedroom and it never shot at me so I somewhat reluctantly told a couple of my friends who came over to watch some football can you go in my bedroom and grab me a pair socks out of the top dresser drawer real quick please... or I would use some other excuse but a number of my friends walked in and out of my bedroom even to the point of getting into my dresser and no one was fired at or killed.... so I was a bit confused and I thought oh well wait a minute maybe I need to load the gun so I loaded the gun even cocked the gun and left it there on my dresser pointing at my door and repeated my experiment and to my belief my gun didn't kill anyone I gave my gun every opportunity to kill somebody I even trSPOT.... to help it a little I didn't want to lose a friend but you know I had to know I put a bullet in it I caught it and instill it didn't kill anybody so I'm coming to the real conclusion that" HEY YOU FUCKED UP POLITICIAN PIECE OF SHITS NEED TO SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND SPREAD YOUR PROSTITUTED ASSES SO I CAN SHOVE MY NON HUMAN KILLING AK RIGHT THERE IN YOUR SWEET SPOT.... Hey Diaz... BTW no we don't wanna shoot our local PEACE OFFICER (( maybe po-lease) pun intended) or sheriff... We need to start at the top and work our way down.... This government is corrupt and fucked.... I served my red my my white and my blue I stand for my red my white and my blue. My flip switch automatic weapon is 1 of many that keep you politicians from killing what is left of my red my white and my blue. And to the politicians..... I can use my weapon as a gun too spread em wide I think you get the point´╗┐
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