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Robert Engelhardt
The man, the legend, the slightly awkward tagline with no real intentions to declare.
The man, the legend, the slightly awkward tagline with no real intentions to declare.

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Big numbers require big solutions, let +Andrew Steele  and me help you with your programmatic #IPv6 concerns at this year's NLIT #nlit2016

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Back by "popular demand" here's the latest and greatest of my NM Beer - now New Mexico Zymology map. Updated to include #Wines, #Spirits, #BrewShops as well as recent #Brewery openings and closings. #beer #NM #NMBeer #AbqBeer

My team at +Sandia Laboratories is looking for a Web Application Developer (entry or senior). Maybe you've got what it takes to be a part of the team. ‪#developer‬ ‪#‎job‬ ‪#webdev

If I've learned anything about #unitTesting   it is to never encode my user id or name in the tests; that way the next guy to come around and update all the tests post re-factoring no longer has my name to easily available curse.

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For one of our apps we needed a non-intrusive "winter theme" I came up with this, which appears on the background of the app's home page. 

It is a pure #HTML5   / #CSS   #winter  themed  animated background using encoded png files to eliminate the need for external dependencies.

I based it on a few examples I found across the web, and made the #snow   flakes with Gimp and a few free winter brush packs. I thought I'd share it plus some #holiday  and #Christmas   cheer. Careful, it is a bit #hypnotic , also we wary of trying to catch the snow flakes on your tongue; it'll smear your monitor. 

Looking for a #‎Programming‬ #‎Job‬?

The team I'm on is seeking an enthusiastic software developer to help us build custom software applications to maintain a complex IT environment. We are responsible for developing software for a wide audience; some products may be utilized by the entire corporation, whereas other applications are used primarily by smaller more focused user bases. We pride ourselves on maintaining customer focus through user stories, personas and frequent acceptance testing. We begin writing code early in a project's life cycle and iterate until what we have developed meets the customer's needs.

More details upon request.

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Does anyone batch create #webfonts  from #SVG  files on windows? I could use some tips. 

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