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Anthony Franca
Winding down the G+account. Catch me at... Twitter: @AlphaSun5
Winding down the G+account. Catch me at... Twitter: @AlphaSun5

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Smoked up a brisket today. Ended up being a 20 hour smoke in the new Oklahoma Joe's Highland offset smoker. Smoker had really potential but definitely needs some mods. LavaLock seals for the doors and a heat dispersion plate for the smoke chamber definitely. I may also look into getting a basket for the fire box. But overall it performed well. Excellent smoke ring on this brisket!
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Brisket in the smoker, Homebrew in the mug. Perfect weather tonight here in Dallas too... Clear skies, light breeze, no humidity.

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Saw this today making the rounds:

I don't really have an opinion on the matter but I'm curious what G+ thinks...

Should Texas secede?
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Working on a Windows startup script for a client, I had need to do a version check on an EXE but couldn't find an easy way to programatically do so. I didn't really want to re-work the script from scratch in PowerShell, though that would have been a possibility. I found that using the DataFile function of WMIC was finicky but this explanation cleared it up and got the job done.

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This is what our federal government has been up to, folks. Dell PowerEdge servers, infiltrated. Apple iPhone, infiltrated. Cisco ASA firewalls, infiltrated. Juniper firewalls, infiltrated. GSM phones, infiltrated. Windows Mobile phones, infiltrated. Even RF implants in USB connectors and VGA cables for covert monitoring. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg.
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An honest account of what happens when financial calamity strikes

"The reality of poverty can spring quickly while the psychological effects take longer to surface. When you lose a job, your first thought isn’t, “Oh my God, I’m poor. I’d better sell all my nice stuff!” It’s “I need another job. Now.” When you’re scrambling, you hang on to the things that work, that bring you some comfort. That Mercedes was the one reliable, trustworthy thing in our lives."
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