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Keshia Glam
Beauty blogger and fashion enthusiast!
Beauty blogger and fashion enthusiast!

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How to "plan" your first Planner Meetup!
If you've found your way to this post, there's a chance you're a planner HI! On to to plan a planner meetup. I know you have tons of questions and may be a little scared, because easy is it to find other planner girls ...

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Makeup Collection Declutter: Lip Products!
Hello my lovely readers :) This is the 2nd post of my decluttering series where I'm showing you guys all of the makeup that I will be getting rid of. I'll be posting a seperate post for each section. As you can read from the title: this week we're declutter...

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Makeup Collection Declutter: Eye products!
Welcome to the first part of my declutter series! I'll be posting the decluttering of my makeup collection in sections starting with the eye products. Most of the products are drugstore; either they are broken, bad quality or I just never reach for them. Th...

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Paid Guest Post: Dermaroller. Should you try it?
As you guys know, I'm an esthetician. Which basically means that I'm a licensed spa treatment-obsessive type of girl; so when the opportunity arose for a guest post relating to a new facial tool, I jumped on it. Move over, IPL here comes the Dermaroller. Gr...

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Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner: 6 months later!
When I first thought about buying a planner, an expensive one at that, I was seriously skeptical. Honestly I've always liked crafts so the colorful, stickery-possibilities  are what caught my attention. Except I didn't know what I would write, if my life wa...

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3 BAD Beauty Habits I'd love to break!
#1 Biting My Nails UGH, don't they look awful? The ring and pinky finger are the ones that I've managed not to bite. I stopped biting my nails for about 7 months for the first time in my life and it was so wonderful. After the 7 months, I somehow picked the...

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16 Goals for 2016
We're two months into 2016 and I'm finally sharing my goal list for 2016. Let me know what some of your goals are <3 1. Get another set of ear piercings (military is preventing this) 2. Complete a 5k 3. Read 6 books (easy, but I miss reading & never have ti...

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Lifestyle // Diner Goals #WhatIAte
I want 2016 to be different, I want to do things I've always wanted to do this year. There's activities I want to be a part of and places I want to go. Eventually I'm going to compile a list of all of the local things I want to do this year. One of the many...

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REVIEW: Morphe Mini Brushes
When I first saw one of my favorite youtuber's using a Morphe mini brush, I couldn't believe it. That brush was like a dream come true for my small slightly-hooded eyes. I knew I had to try them because let's just say crease brushes are basically useless wh...

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Review: #TheTargetTrap meets Derma e !
For the year of 2016, I've come up with a new phrase: #TheTargetTrap. If you live or have ever been to the states, you know all about #TheTargetTrap. Basically you go into Target for a can of peanuts and leave with craft goods, a basket filled with dollar s...
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