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Lovely bicycle, lovely video, crazy fixie rider! ... Somewhat a little tempted to try (again) riding a fixie now ...

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I watched that video with my little guy, he liked it and we saw it twice in a row ...
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I've never quite got into the fixie scene, because the idea of fixies is to be cheap and simple, but using cheap and simple components gives you a bike that rides like crap. But then if I'm spending money on good components, why not just go all the way and get a regular bike?
For my part, I think it's way to dangerous of a riding style for busy city like Vancouver. It's already risky enough riding around here with brakes ... so without brakes? Madness! ... Still, it does looks cool and challenging.
Yeah, it'd probably be a whole lot of fun if I got past actually buying/building one. I'd probably put brakes on mine because I'm a wuss like that, and I don't see it detracting from the experience any. (other than getting all the bike-hipsters to turn up their nose at me, QQ!)
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