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Hi there. What language(s) do demons speak? Seems to be missing from the description in the core rule book.

+Robert Schwalb, the Thievery Talent Hide in Shadows is reminiscent of the old D&D ability Hide in Plain Sight. How does this ability work against creatures with shadowsight or darksight, who treat areas of shadows as if lit?

Howdy. Stuck on another Two Weapon Fighting question. The ability Two Weapon Master for a Dervish (master path, page 84) reads:

"When you attack with two weapons, you make the attack roll with 1 boon. If you attack one target with both weapons, your attack deals 1d6 extra damage."

Does this ability "cumulative" with the banes imposed on someone from two weapon fighting? In other words, does this mean attacking 1 target with two weapons imposes only 1 bane on the attack roll, instead of two, and attacking two targets only imposes 2 banes on each of the two attack rolled, instead of 3? Or does this mean it replaces those banes in "Attack with Two Weapons" entirely, and you simply get 1 boon on your single target or two target attack rolls?

Hi there. Clarifying question on the level 4 Expert Goblin ability in “Snot and Stitches”:

Twist the Knife When you get a success on an attack roll with an edged basic or swift weapon, you can use a triggered action to deal 1 extra damage.

This means just +1 damage, not an additional die of damage? Doesn’t seem like a significant boost, especially at the cost of a triggered action, which goblin thieves must use for much more valuable abilities in combat. If this was bonus damage without a triggered action cost, it would be meaningful, or an additional 1d6 with the triggered action, it would also be valuable. Thoughts on this?

I'm excited about Demon Lord's Companion 2 - though I'll wait for the print option. I wanted to ask though: I remember reading some ago about an "advanced" edition of Shadow of the Demon Lord, something that takes players beyond 10th level (or at least allows continued PC growth beyond that level. Any status updates on this project?

Level 10 Dreadnaught Weapon Resistance (SotDL p. 86): what's a "weapon?" Player thinks natural weapons are included, which would make Dreadnaught resistant to pretty much any physical attack in the game. I'm arguing obvious, manufactured weapons only. What is the intent with this ability? Note that the weapons table in SotDL includes "Unarmed strike" further muddying the waters.

Hi there. Are there any specific spells or items in any of the books that can remove Corruption from PCs.

Is this project still happening? It's been pretty quiet for nearly 1/2 year.

Just wanted to throw this out there. I absolutely love everything about The Hero's Journey except armor reduction value and jesters. Jesters are a matter of opinion and have been a subject of much debate ever since first appearing in Dragon magazine all those years ago. But reduction value is more problematic, because the only way to house rule it out of the game is to adjust everyone's Hit Dice accordingly. My take is that the very low HP values under the existing system are designed with reduction value in mind, and if you take out RV without adjusting HP up, it'll be a slaughter for the PCs.

The jester matter aside (let's not beat that horse any more than the poor thing's already been beaten), what are thoughts on RV and how to house rule it out effectively? What are its real benefits anyway - why go down the route of RV, which is a departure from almost any other variant of the game?

From Snot and Stitches:

Eyes and Ears of the Goblin King. You can use an action, or a triggered action on your turn, to assume the form of a small animal or tiny animal. If you assume the form of a tiny animal, you can also gain the climber, flier, or swimmer trait. You can remain in this form for a number of hours equal to your Power, though you can use a triggered action on your turn to freely switch between forms. (See “Assuming Different Forms” in Shadow, page 147, for more information.) Once you use this talent, you cannot use it again until you complete a rest.

Does the statement, "You can use a triggered action on you turn to freely switch between forms," mean:

1. You can switch from your animal form to your goblin form and the trait ends (can't use again until after a rest)

2. You can switch back and forth between the chosen animal form and your goblin form for the duration

3. You can switch between any forms (choosing a different animal if you wish) and/or your goblin form for the duration

4. Something else?
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