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FuelLog - The best fuel, cost and maintenance tracking app on Android!
FuelLog - The best fuel, cost and maintenance tracking app on Android!

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Switching my Pre2 for a Galaxy Nexus. Here a script to convert data from Mileage Monitor to Fuel Log.@FuelLogAndroid +FuelLog

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FuelLogPro: 1st place in "Transportation - Top Paid" category! Thanks, keep downloading :)

Hey +Warren Jackson , you're the 50th guy who circled +FuelLog on G+, thanks! :) If you want, you get the Pro License for free. Please send me an email (you can find the address in FuelLog - menu - info - contact developer) if you are interested. Regards

And just got the 2000th rating, with an awesome average of 4.6! Thanks!

250'000+ downloads!! Thanks guys, keep downloading FuelLog :)

FuelLog usage tip:
Keyboard layout can be changed in the settings of FuelLog.

Depending on your phone and the Android version you use, it may be helpful to try another layout. Go to the settings of FuelLog and change it at the very bottom.

Example: There are several phones that don't have the decimal point on the first page of the default keyboard layout. Try the other layout, that should work.

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Screenshot of the upcoming next FuelLog version: do you see the new feature? ;)

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Some nice screenshots...
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Hi everyone

This is the official Google+ Page of FuelLog, one of the best and most successful car managing app in the Android Market. Circle and +1 it if you are interested in news, infos, help etc..

Please let me know about what you would like to talk and discuss.
Some additional features you would like to see in upcoming FuelLog updates? Do you have any issue with the app? Do you need some other help or info?
Every kind of feedback is very welcome!

Stay tuned for upcoming versions of FuelLog :)

Thanks for all the good ratings and awesome comments in the market and your feedback!

Have fun!
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