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hug and kisses!
hug and kisses!

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My New Blog
hello guys! i finally decided to create a new blog! i want to take blog seriously kunun. so, come and support me here.  CLICK ME! my new blog is Thank You!!!

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Conquering Nuluhon Trusmasi (Mount Trusmadi)
before i start off my bragging about my awesome expedition conquering the Trusmadi mount i think i better make all the Sabahan proud first. the top 3 highest mount in Malaysia is actually in SABAH! you can check the top 10 highest mount in Malaysia  here. p...

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welcome 2016!
woah, lama tidak update sini o. its been a very busy month for me. believe me or not, its been 2 months i skip gym. konon-konon mau focus study for my final exam (i just finish my second paper today and there are still 4 more paper to go!) its 2016!!! how's...

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trip to Bohey Dulang Island and Sibuan Island
i wanted to update about my recent trip before i pretend to get busy with my final exam preparation starting this 28th Dec. (not so fun Christmas this year) straight to the point. Bohey Duland and Sibuan island is located in our beloved Semporna. of course ...

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lilie .yangkangon commented on a post on Blogger.
Welcome back!!! :)

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"life is short, try EVERYTHING!" I've been very busy lately. and i think i am very stress since all of my pimples just come out. i guess i'm not used to doing the degree level while working. working from monday to friday and then going to class weekend. the...

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Stress vs Doodle
so, recently i fall in love with doodling. i accidentally bought a book in Kaison last month during my Braces review at Putatan.  i enter the shop because si Bugir ask me to brought something for him and i end up buying the drawing book. it's very thick for...

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here are my fitness journey. as i get older i become a fitness lover. will update more on fitness! hehe EATING HABIT HOW TO GET BACK THE WORKOUT SPIRIT THE BODYCOMBAT GYM IS ON FIRE SEXY BODY AHEAD MUET AND ABS CHALLENGE Lilie as the Amateur Yogini losing 2...

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SALT TRAIL sept 2015
note: actually banyak video yang saya ambil during the expedition but then handphone kena fromat before saya sempat save all the video. so setelah puas menangis akhirnya baru saya buat ni post. nasib la gambar semua tersave dalam google backup. MENAWAN BANJ...

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mr. Bugir and the stray cat.
there's this chinese restaurant that mr.Bugir really love to go. and since recently i am wearing braces, mr.Bugir always bring there to eat Fish. sebab ikan saja yang lembut sayaa boleh makan masa mula muuuula pasang braces. eventually it has become my favo...
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