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Maintaining a professional business appearance within your company is key. You do this in several ways. From hiring quality employees to offering the best services, you want to appear and be professional to succeed. Part of being a successful business owner is keeping up with visual appearances. Your office or business space must be visually appealing and clean so potential clients won't be distracted by a dirty space. One area that particularly needs attention is the flooring.

The flooring of your business must be clean and free of stains and issues so they don't district clients from the business at hand. If a potential client were to walk into your business and see dirty floors, they might think you're not serious about your work. With the floor cleaning service options offered by ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County in Lancaster, PA, you'll never have to worry about making a bad impression. Whether hard surface flooring or carpeting, your floors will always look their very best.

The floor cleaning service options our trained technicians utilize will ensure stains are removed, the flooring is thoroughly cleaned, and it has a fresh, revived appearance. Your business in Lancaster, PA, will thrive when the hard surface flooring is shiny and carpeting is fresh and full. With quality floor care service, you're able to maintain a professional appearance, provide slip resistance for safety in the work place, and protect the investment of your flooring.

Only the best products are used for hard surface flooring to remove sticky spots and stains and restore a like-new luster. A thorough and quality cleaning, including steam cleaning, will ensure your carpeting maintains its color and texture. High traffic areas on carpeting and hard surface flooring can easily see wear and tear. With our service options, this problem will be eliminated.

To have the best looking flooring in your business, contact our cleaning crew at ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County. Our team of experienced floor cleaners will be able to provide consistent and quality service to ensure your flooring looks its very best while providing a clean and safe environment for employees and clients. Call us today at (717) 390-2044.

Making a Good First Impression With Commercial Cleaning in Lititz, PA, by ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County

When you operate a business, you must present a good impression in a number of ways. You want your business to make a good first impression through your reputation, how your employees present themselves, as well as how your facility appears. With proper training and care, your employees will learn how to approach clients and present themselves in the best manner possible. But how do you present your commercial property? This can be done by taking advantage of commercial cleaning in Manchester, PA, services.

What is Commercial Cleaning?
Just like a home can be cleaned by a service company, so can your business. With commercial cleaning services, your business will look its very best. Such services will include the cleaning of flooring, walls, stairways, upholstery cleaning, and more. Every aspect of the business is covered so that you can make a good first impression with potential clients.

Why Hire Cleaning Services for your Business?
You may be wondering why you should hire commercial cleaning services for your business. Think about your day to day operations; how much time do you or employees actually have to clean? Take a look around the office space or warehouse. Do you see stains on the flooring or walls? If you really look at your business, you will be surprised to see just how dirty the place can be. Because you are there each day, it’s easy overlook certain aspects. A new client will notice these issues right away and think twice about the type of services you can offer.

With commercial cleaning in Lititz, PA, your business will always be ready to impress. Trash will be collected, work spaces cleaned, kitchen and break room’s areas spotless, stains removed from carpeting and tiling, as well as upholstery cleaned in the waiting room and other areas. Your business will look its very best so you can make a good first impression on every client.

To learn more about commercial cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County at (717) 390-2044. We offer customized cleaning options that will work perfectly for your business based on your specific needs.

Customize the Cleanliness of Your Business with Janitorial Services in Lititz, PA, by ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County

Cleaning your business can be a big chore, especially if you or your employees are handling the cleaning process. Taking out the garbage and wiping down desks may be all you have time for in order to meet the demands of the work day. This can leave the cleanliness level of your business lacking. As the business owner, it's important to have a clean space in order to impress potential clients as well as provide a quality environment for employees to thrive. With our customizable janitorial services in Lititz, PA, you'll be able to create the cleaning schedule that you need, personalized for your business.

You may be wondering why customization is so important. Aren’t all janitorial cleaning services the same? No, they aren’t, and it's important that you know exactly what you're receiving as far as cleaning is concerned and that the areas affecting your business dealings are covered.

Take, for example, a standard cleaning program. You might see the cleaning service take out your trash, wipe down the counters and desk areas of your business, and clean the floors. While these are services you need, there's more that can be done. Because your business is different from the rest, you need a customized plan to ensure your specific needs are covered.

By working with our Lititz, PA, cleaning specialists, a plan will be created based on your business cleaning needs. Our service providers offer dusting of all surfaces including keyboards, computers, baseboards, and window sills. Restrooms are completely sanitized and supplies restocked. Common areas and features of your business are cleaned including fixtures, light switches, vending machines, hand rails, door handles, etc.

As far as flooring is concerned, carpets are vacuumed and deep cleaned to ensure spot removal, and hard surface flooring is swept and mopped. In large office spaces, partitions can be cleaned as well as office furniture. With a variety of cleaning options, you can select what you need for your business to thrive.

For your business to succeed, it needs to be neat and tidy. You're presenting a first impression when potential clients stop by, and you want your business to looks its very best. To ensure your business always provides a quality first impression, enlist the cleaning services of ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County. Contact our office today at (717) 390-2044 for more information.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

Owning a business is a great deal of work. From keeping track of employees and finances to the day-to-day operations, it’s easy to forget certain details. One very important detail that's often neglected is cleaning. A commercial building requires certain cleaning methods that many business owners just aren't aware of. On top of such requirements, there are also benefits that business owners may not foresee. Scheduling commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA, will help you quickly see the benefits plus provide a quality environment for your employees.

Healthy Work Space
One benefit that many business owners don't think of is the environmental health of the space. Consider this. Let’s say you own a business that has a large office space. There are cubicles, work stations, etc. Two or three employees catch a cold, or worse, the flu. If the work spaces are not cleaned effectively, the flu can quickly spread throughout the office. This can lead to slowed productivity and higher employee absenteeism. With commercial cleaning services, the germs are wiped away and fewer employees are exposed to the virus. Cleaning can include cubicle walls, stairways, door handles, high traffic hallways, etc.

Post Construction/Remodeling Cleaning
Another benefit of commercial cleaning takes place when you have construction work done. Perhaps you had walls put in or taken down, or added on to your existing building. Whatever the case may be, our commercial cleaning services can include post construction cleaning. This is an added benefit of our Lancaster, PA, services and a great way to have your business neat and tidy after a construction phase or remodel.

Overall, the work space you provide will be clean and provide a healthy environment for your employees. Individuals will be able to be productive as they work in a quality space that is free of dirt and grime. Have your commercial space cleaned on a regular basis by contacting ServiceMaster Building Services of Lancaster County. Call (717) 390-2044 to schedule an appointment for service today.

How to Use Natural Products to Clean Your Office Bathroom | Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Lancaster County, PA Businesses
Nobody likes to clean bathrooms, especially the office bathrooms. Unless you plan to hire professional bathroom cleaning services for your Lancaster County, PA business, you may end up doing the dirty work yourself. When cleaning an office bathroom, there are certain factors to consider, such as the frequency of bathroom use, number of people using the bathroom, and the health sensitivities of those individuals. Heavy use of harsh chemical cleaning agents can create health risks for yourself and your fellow staff members. That is why ServiceMaster CleanÒ wants to provide some tips on how to use natural products for bathroom cleaning. This way you can be sure that your bathrooms remain both clean and safe for employees and customers alike.
When there is a higher frequency of bathroom use, as well as a higher volume of people using it, several cleaning sessions may be needed per day. Using chemical agents that have hazardous toxins will increase the likelihood of respiratory reactions and illness. In some cases, people have experienced bad skin reactions, depending on the cleaning agent. In order to minimize the impact of cleaning products, we recommend using these four cleaning solutions:
1.    Vinegar
2.    Castile Soap
3.    Baking Soda
4.    Essential Oils
Here are a few ways to use these natural, inexpensive, and readily available solutions:
Cleaning Bathroom Floors
In a large container, add 2-4 tablespoons of Castile soap and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Fill that same container with a gallon of hot, clean water to mix. Add up to 1/8 cup of vinegar if the floor is especially greasy.
Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors
To really get that mirror to shine, combine 1.5 cups of water with a half-cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. Shake to mix. If you’d like to add a fragrance, add 5-10 drops of orange or lemon essential oil.
Cleaning Toilets
A great way to deodorize a toilet is to pour some vinegar directly into the bowl. You can also use straight or scented vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the seat. Keep the toilet fresh by sprinkling a little baking soda into the bowl and scrubbing with a sturdy toilet brush.
Cleaning Bathroom Counters
You can use the same mixture to clean floors (above) to use for the counters by putting the solution in a spray bottle. Another good disinfectant is a mixture of Castile soap, water, and essential oil in a spray bottle.
We hope these tips will help you keep your bathroom clean while using safe and convenient products. Don’t want to do the cleaning yourself? Ask about our bathroom cleaning services for Hanover businesses. Call ServiceMaster Clean today for more information.

Extend the Life of your Office Furniture With Proper Commercial Cleaning in Lancaster, PA
It’s exciting to pick out the furnishings for an office, but keeping these items clean is a whole other story. Office furniture is a major investment that you don’t want to keep replacing with every stain or tear. With proper commercial cleaning, you can keep these pieces lasting and looking great for a long time. ServiceMaster CleanÒ wants to provide Lancaster businesses with some tips on how to maintain their commercial furniture. We gathered these tips from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) and hope they will help you protect these valuable assets.
It’s necessary to conduct routine maintenance in order to keep your office furniture clean. This routine maintenance includes tasks such as vacuuming and the immediate handling of spills. The IICRC also advises that a certified professional clean your upholstery every one to two years. Most furniture and fabric manufacturers recommend that consumers not wait to get these items cleaned after severe soiling has already occurred. The greater the soiling, the less likely that the fabric’s original colors, appearance, and texture can be restored.
Here are some tips that can help businesses prolong the beauty of their furniture:
·         To control soiling, frequently rotate arm caps and seat cushions to help prolong the life and appearance of areas prone to wear and tear.
·         Brush or vacuum areas to remove dry soil such as dust, food particles, and other debris.
·         If a particular piece experiences heavy use, increased cleaning may be required. You may also need to increase the frequency of cleaning if the piece is used by persons with allergies or respiratory sensitivity.
For upholstery cleaning and maintenance in Lancaster, contact ServiceMaster Clean! Our cleaning technicians are IICRC certified and have experience cleaning every type of fabric with every type of stain. If you want to ensure that your upholstery will last, there’s no better choice that the professionals of ServiceMaster Clean. Contact us today for more information on our customizable commercial cleaning plans.

Lititz, PA Businesses May Need More Carpet Cleaning with Pets Around
According to the American Pet Products Manufacturer Association, 20% of companies in the United States now allow pets in the office. Over the last few years, there has been a major increase in pet-friendly facilities. Having pets in the office provide many benefits such as employee and customer satisfaction; however, there are some disadvantages. Pets can be hard on office floors, carpeting, and furniture. If you plan to have a pet friendly office, you may want to consider starting or upgrading your carpet cleaning plan. As a carpet cleaning company, ServiceMaster CleanÒ knows exactly how pets can impact the cleanliness of an office, and we want to share our knowledge with businesses throughout the Lancaster, PA area. 
Here are some of the ways that pets can impact your carpet and flooring:
·         Tracking in dirt and debris
·         Relieving themselves on flooring
·         Drooling
·         Biting and tearing
Tracking in Dirt and Debris
Pets can carry a lot of different substances in and on their paws such as dirt, grass, bugs, and other types of filth. Substances can stay trapped in paws far longer than shoes, which is how these particles are able to get dragged in past the welcome mat. Paws also are great at sinking further into the carpet which pushes soil deeply into the fibers.
Relieving themselves on flooring
Even if they are normally housetrained, pets can find several reasons to urinate or defecate on your office floors. They might be nervous, anxious, excited, or just curious enough to stray from their training. Urine causes both unsightly stains and foul odors that need to be taken care of properly.
Dogs can excrete large amounts of saliva, especially on hot, humid days. Pet saliva has chemicals in it that can be damaging to furniture and carpet fibers. It will take the right products and expertise to properly remove excess drool from fibers and fabrics.
Biting and Tearing
Some pups can be a bit too playful to the point of naughtiness. The smells of the office furniture and carpeting might be too tempting to resist a little gnawing and tearing. Before you know it, you furry friend just tore a hole in the upholstery. That is why it is crucial to keep office areas clean of stains and past odors to prevent your pets from chewing on them.
ServiceMaster Clean wants you and your pet to enjoy your time in the office. Keeping in mind that dogs will be dogs, it’s important to have a cleaning plan in place for a pet-friendly environment. For carpet and floor cleaning in Lititz, PA, contact ServiceMaster Clean today!

6 Signs that You May Need to Replace Your Commercial Carpets
Although properly maintained carpets can last for a long time, any type of flooring that sees regular use will need to be replaced at some point. That is why it’s good to recognize the signs that a carpet may need to be replaced. While many signs can seem obvious, there are some that are subtler. As a reputable carpet cleaning company in Lancaster, PA, ServiceMaster CleanÒ has provided 6 ways to recognize that your carpet may need replacing sooner than later.
Sign #1: Carpet Age
With proper care, most manufacturers agree that carpeting should last for ten years. How old is your carpeting? How many times have you had your carpets cleaned and restored? Even with the best cleaning and maintenance, a carpet doesn’t last forever. Some signs of carpet “old age” are wrinkles, ripples, matting, color loss and fading, and lack of padding support.
Sign #2: Wear and Tear
Have you been placing rugs and furniture over the carpet to hide rips, tears, and other defects? Do you find that employees are tripping on worn, matted areas? Significant wear and tear may be a reason to get your carpeting replaced. For small tears and rips, you may be able to repair the damage yourself, or with the help of professionals. Large tearing, however, signifies a major problem.
Sign #3: Carpet Stains
Is your carpet starting to show a new pattern with all of the stains spattered on it? If so, it may be time for a replacement. While many carpets have a stain resistant finish, this treatment eventually fades overtime. This leaves the carpet unprotected and susceptible to more long-term damage. Stains handled immediately, either by staff or carpet cleaning professionals, will help alleviate the long-term effects of staining. When stains have been left unattended to for too long, they permeate deep into carpet fibers and padding. At this point, you may have no choice but to get it replaced.
Sign #4: Carpet Smells
If you notice a lingering smell on your carpet that doesn’t leave, even after a carpet cleaning session, it may be time for replacement. This lingering odor means that it has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, padding, or the subfloor. A stinky carpet could also be a sign of mildew growth. The most cost effective solution may be to completely remove the carpeting to fully eliminate the bad odors.
Sign #5: Condition of Padding
Padding supports your carpeting and provides many benefits to you such as a sound buffer and insulator. Unfortunately, padding also absorbs elements that make their way through the lower levels of carpet fibers. Deeply embedded spills, dust, and other particles can permeate into the padding. When carpets get cleaned, it doesn’t necessarily clean the padding. Signs of old padding include wrinkles, unevenness, smells, and a crinkling sound when walked over.
Sign #6: Heightened Allergies
Older carpeting can catch and retain more allergens and particles than newer carpets. As a result, staff members may begin to notice an increase in allergic reactions. If you notice that there is a rise in allergies, you may want to check below your feet!
ServiceMaster Clean provides carpet cleaning in Lancaster, PA and throughout Lancaster and York Counties. If you would like to know more about our carpet cleaning plans, or you’d like a consultation, contact us today!

Summer weather brings about a ton of fun; the kids are out of school, adults are on vacation, and everyone is trying to spend more time outdoors. While people spend time relaxing in the summer, there are establishments that are working extra hard. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities see a major increase in ER patients during summer months. According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), summer is the time of year when consumers are most likely to be injured. In order to keep hospitals and clinics running smoothly, commercial cleaning companies like ServiceMaster CleanÒ need to work just as hard to keep these facilities clean, sanitary, and running as efficiently as possible.
This season is known as “trauma season” in the medical field for a reason. Here are some of the types of injuries that can be expected:
·         Bicycle-related injuries
·         Lawn mower incidents
·         Swimming and water play injuries
·         Burns
·         Motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV accidents
·         Trauma due to trampolines, swings, and other play equipment
·         Amusement ride accidents
·         Joint injuries form outdoor sports
·         Falls
Medical facilities work around-the-clock to help patients that come in with outdoor-related injuries. That means that their cleaning and maintenance programs should be working around-the-clock as well. ServiceMaster works as an extension of your staff to provide above-and-beyond healthcare facility cleaning services. We not only provide janitorial services such as floor and carpet cleaning, window washing, dusting, trash collection, and other everyday cleaning tasks; as a IICRC certified organization, our processes are JCAHO and HIPAA compliant. We can sanitize all areas of your facility to the highest standards. These areas include exam rooms, surgical areas, waiting areas, private offices, stairways, hallways, and more. With a clean environment, medical staff is able to care for patients safely and efficiently.
ServiceMaster Clean provides healthcare cleaning in Hanover, PA and throughout Lancaster County. For more information on how we can customize your plan based on your facility’s specific needs, give us a call today!

A Closer Look at What’s in Dust
The dust that settles on office furnishings may seem insignifant, unless you know what it's actually made of. Particles from the indoors and outdoors combine to form what we see as dust.
Indoor particles include skin cells (Humans lose 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute.) and fiber from carpet, furniture and clothes. Outdoor particles include pollen and bits of decaying organic matter, industrial plants, vehicles and seasonal fires.
A study in Environmental Science & Technology found 60% of dust inside offices and homes is from outdoor airborne particles and tracked-in soil.
Contact ServiceMaster Clean to help control the dust in your facility.  Serving Lititz, Mt. Joy, Lancaster and surrounding Lancaster County, PA communities.
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